The Highest Form of Education
by Jeanne/SailorAquaStar

A caress, a look of pure lust, a tender kiss. That unknown person stirring up feelings hidden deep inside. And then there was the alarm ringing throughout that secluded, perfect world.

"Morning already?" Duo mumbled rolling over into the pillows. "The worst part about moving is getting up the next morning." a voice came from the hall. Duo recognized it as his roommate, Hilde. It happened to be the first day of their senior year in a new high school. They had to move to go to an exclusive school reserved for the best of the best. Out of the 100 or so people who were offered to take the test in Duo and Hilde's class, they were the only ones to make it. Hilde stood in her school uniform, ready to go. Duo groggily moved out of his bed.

"What time is it?"

"Time for you to get your lazy butt out of bed and get going or you'll be late for class."

"Shit, that late already? Thanks Hilde." Duo said with the roll of his eyes. "You want to leave so I can get dressed and stuff?"

"Right.." she said shutting Duo's door and moving away. 'How am I supposed to deal with this? Everyone but him knew I had a crush on him...and still do. This is crazy, why'd I even agree to do this when I found out he'd be here?' Hilde thought.

In his room Duo hastily pulled on his khaki pants, white shirt, and leather belt and shoes. He then brushed his hair as fast as he could and re-braided it so it was neatly pleated down his back. "Now you look like you woke up with an extra five minuets then you've had." he mumbled to his reflection. He opened his door to find Hilde waiting in the kitchen area of the dorm room. "Do we have any fruit or anything?" he asked. She tossed a banana Duo's way. "Cool. We better go then."

"Yeah." Hilde said grabbing her school bag case as Duo did the same and they headed out the door.

"Class, this is Duo Maxwell, the new student here today. Please welcome him. Duo, could you please take a seat back there with Heero. He'll be able to help you on anything you're unsure of and I have arranged to have him tutor you after regular classes end today so that you are able to catch up with the rest of the class."

Duo nodded and headed back to where the dark haired boy was sitting. His eyes were fixed on Duo. 'Great, they're going to judge me right away by how I look. As if that has anything to do with it.' he thought.

Heero's mind was far from appraising Duo's intelligence by looks. 'How am I supposed to tutor him? He's just so...amazing.'

"Do I have something on my face?" were the words that broke Heero out of his trance.

"Huh what?"

"I said, do I have something on my face? You keep looking at me, and it's rather disturbing since we're trying to learn here." His voice taking on a snobbish edge.

"Sorry. I'm not used to boys having such long hair. You might want to consider cutting it off, for social reasons you understand."

Duo just glared at him. "I have no intention of cutting off my braid. However I would like to get my last year of high school education started before the day is out. What do I have to catch up on anyway?"

"Oh the last three years you haven't been here is all."

Duo made a sound and started to copy down the notes from the board. Heero looked once more at the carefully chiseled features of the boys face and began his own notes.

By the time the day ended Heero had almost enough of Duo unknowingly taunting him. And he still had a hour and a half to study with the nimble creature.

"What am I supposed to do?" Heero was startled out of his thinking about Duo to see the boy, irritated, before him.

Heero handed Duo a book. "Do number 5 on the board."

"What? Can't I write on paper?"


"Why not?"

"Because you'll be asked to randomly do problems on the board and you need to be ready to do anything. Now get it done."

Duo huffed and turned towards the large black artificial slate. 'This is going to be a very annoying task' he thought as he looked at the problem. He sighed again and moved to start writing.

Heero watched the boy move at the front of the room. 'Very smart Heero. Send him to the front of the room so that you watch him sway those little hips as he tries to balance everything. If you make it out of here alive you deserve an award.'

After what felt like years, but was only seconds, Heero stood and walked over behind Duo. He was stealthy and quick in his task, not caring if the boy had heard him or not. He couldn't take this. This was some type of torture that his teachers were bestowing on him.

"Heero how do you --" Duo spun around, expecting to ask Heero a question and instead finding Heero's lips pressed more then firmly onto Duo's. One of Heero's hands held Duo's head on top and the other at the juncture between neck and jaw. At first Duo was shocked, but then the nice feelings rushed into him. Feelings like in the dream he'd just had before waking up that day. His knees gave out and instinct had him clinging to Heero's shirt for support. He felt his head bang up against the black board with a slight clank, only magnified by the bad setting of the board into it's frame.

It took a bit of time, however both boys finally realized they needed air and broke apart. When Heero moved back, Duo crumpled down to the floor. His eyes were wide and his pupils dilated and glassed over. "What was that exactly?" Duo was surprised at how discussed his voice sounded.

"It was nothing. And if you tell anyone about it I will have to kill you."

"Kill me? Is that how you treat all new students at your school? Molest them and then threaten them?"

"Don't worry about that. It was just a loss of control and it won't happen again. Just don't think about it."

"How am I not supposed to think about it? It's not every day you turn around and have some guy kiss you!"

"I said forget it! We're done for today. Go back to your room. I'll get you a new tutor. You can go now."

Duo looked at Heero, half afraid to leave and half ready to bolt. This left him standing right where he was, subconsciously twirling the end of his braid.

"Stop that!" Heero snapped. Duo completely froze, braid in hand. "I'd really appreciate it if you would go and stop..stop being there. Just go!"

Total fear filled Duo and he ran out the door. He didn't stop running until he'd made it to his dorm room door. He went in and decided he would have to work this all out.

"Hey Duo, how was your day?" Hilde asked as she entered the house.

"Crap!" was her reply. Duo walked out of their kitchen area, flower covering most of him. "I went to my tutoring session with this guy the teacher assigned. And then he goes and kisses me! Ugh! I've brushed my teeth 'till it hurt."

"He kissed you!?!?" Hilde was completely outraged. "Duo that's just wrong! You aren't gay he shouldn't have --"

"But that's the thing Hilde. I don't know how I feel about this stuff."

"What are you saying Duo? You went out with girls at the old school."

"Sure, but I never was sure. I don't remember what love is supposed to feel like."


"Hilde I think I liked it." Duo simply said, flopping himself down on the sofa.

It made Hilde's mind real. Duo's gay...right it has to happen if it has to happen. And...he didn't know how I felt..."Alright Duo. What's with the mess."

"Oh..well, when I'm angry; I cook. weird I know, however...yeah."

"Why don't you get cleaned up and go see...who is it?"

"Heero Yuy and no fucking way!"

"Duo! You'll need to talk to him sometime!"

"No way! I don't want to see him!"

"But you said you liked it! Don't contradict yourself!"

Fine fine. I'm going. But, where am I supposed to find dear Mr Yuy?" Duo ask, sarcasm dripping off of the word 'dear'.

"That's your deal Duo."

It wasn't long before Duo was cleaned up and out the door. Hilde sat down. "Why does he do this to me anyhow? First other girls and that I have this silver of a chance he has to be gay. I just don't understand. Why me huh? I work hard don't I? Don't I?! And all I get in return is going to this stupid school. And being forced to see him too right! They're going to be together. There's nothing I can ever do to change that. Maybe not right away of course. But they will be..and..I..." Hilde was no longer able to think her thoughts allowed because she found tears and sobs blocking her words.

The End
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