Take My Life
by Dark Hilde/Trio Maxwell

How many times has Heero tried to kill me so far? I've lost count, but I love it. The rush. The feel. That look in his eyes. The way he smiles and glares at the same time, a predator in nature, full of a rarity; compassion. Unbelievable, the surge of pent up emotions. I take them all in. It's ecstasy in the purest form. A drug in my system, his intentions are visible to those who can see what the heart is really saying. I can see so clearly now. He's so vibrant in his expression, louder even than I can possibly be with speech alone. His words are enticing, dominating, informative and all encompassing. His breath caresses my skin like an angel's fallen feather. Exhaustion, so sweet, as it falls upon his brow. He's come all this way with one thing on his mind -- the death of Shinigami. And I am not one to complain.

I close my eyes and take in his form, forever burned upon my memory. Exotic, this creature. He's a being of strength, so full of life, of possibility. He fears no god and bows to no man. Innocent in his wanderings, free of false grief born of sin, he kills with a bestial beauty to his every fluid movement. Nothing holds him down. Free as the Gundanium wings represent, he can do, be, see -- everything. Amazing how I alone managed to capture his attention so completely. If I could I would absorb him into my soul. His body is a work of art so well defined and powerfully charged but soft and graceful, deceitful. Perfect.

We're alone now and I know that he knows it. I can see it in the way he advances, feet barely brushing the floor, arms swaying loose at his sides only to be drawn up to brace on either side of my neck. His light touch sends a shiver across my back. My arms begin to shake but I curl my hands into fists and steady my quaking. He's too close. Too warm. Too good.

"I'll kill you, Duo." His lips teasing my neck, his hand slides up slowly, sensually to cup my chin. I can't move, lost in the depths of his cobalt soul staring back at me. His threat seems too good to be true. I pray I am awake. I know that I'm dreaming. Fate is too cruel to let me die like this.

Our breath is hot between us, melding, the flavors of chocolate and mint intertwined. So perfect together, I breathe it in deep, hoping to steal some of him into me. With his left hand he traces the shadow on my face, telling me as he does so that my death is near. I'm not afraid. I welcome his wrath. Whatever I did to deserve this I must have done right the first time, for once. Long slender fingers part my dark bangs and press me down. He leans into me, stepping between my bent knees, that tantalizing mouth hovering just millimeters over my lips. Dominating, controlling, so sweet to be had. How could dying like this even be considered bad?

He closes his eyes and I follow suit as his parted lips tenderly brush mine. My head's against the wall. I'm a prisoner of his passion. His tongue touches mine as he seals the kiss with a driving force, holding me steady, dying in his arms. He'd made good his promise, as he had times before. My mind is lost to his hunger for contact, my body to the heat arising from his presence. I can't help but cling to him, letting the world fade away. I'm lost in space. In time. The air is nothing but an illusion. A possession. His.

If kisses could kill, I'd be in heaven. Or hell. Slowly, his lips leave mine. He pulls away, his smile thoughtful, amused at my confused haze. Once more, I sigh as Shinigami dies.

The End
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