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Based on a true story.

Children of the Sea
by cryingPhoenix

"Is this the place?"

"Yeah.. thanks, Heero. You can put me down now..." Heero did just that and carefully lowered his braided lover onto the sandy ground beneath them before he joined him, sitting down beside him and hugging him gently. He made sure that the blanket was secured around the american boy's body. He shouldn't be cold.

The two of them remained in silence as they listened to the sea, hearing the soft sound of the water as it touched the sand and took it with him again, only to bring it back with the next little wave. They listened to the roaring of the water as it hit the cliff to the left, as if the water tried to wash away the cliff to claim back the land. They heard the seagulls screeching above them.

The two of them stayed like this for a long time before Duo finally felt satisfied enough and spoke up.

"You know, I love listening to the sounds of the seas. It's like music to my ears. Solo and I came here a lot, doing the same thing we are doing now, absorbing the seas music. This is where I made the promise..." A short silence followed as Heero thought about the promise Duo had told him.

"Do you have to keep this promise, Duo? Is it so important for you?" Heero asked his lover, hiding the desperate feeling and unsureness behind the question.

"Yes... I have to..." The braided boy turned so that he was face to face with Heero. Heero's normally flashing, bright eyes seemed so distant today, so hurt.

"Heero, don't be sad. This is the way god wants me to walk on. This is Solo's way as well. And I want to follow him. I am not sad, Heero. So you should'nt be as well."

"How can you say that?" Heero said, low voice sounding like the boy wanted to cry any moment. And he did just that after finishing the sentence, freeing one tear after the other. Duo's answer was a soft kiss onto Heero's lips.

"Heero, death doesn't always mean the end. Death is freedom. Death frees from all the chains of life like sorrow or misery, jealousy or loneliness. It's the only experience, the only thing that happens to you one time. I am grateful that I can finally find peace. Please, Heero, no matter how much I love you, I ask you to let me have my peaceful end." Duo smiled at his japanese partner who looked at him through wet eyes.

"I will let you have your way, Duo. I won't... be in the way... It's just so hard to understand that you want to die out of free will. But never the less, I will not stop you, no matter how hard it is for me." Heero finished with a final tear.

"And I thank you for this respect... let's continue in silence, will we? I want to enjoy the sea's voice and I want to enjoy your warmth, your presence. I want to be near the things I love most before I leave this world." Heero nodded and gathered the braided boy into his arms, hugging him lovingly. As he held him there, memories of the past events came back to his mind. Memories of how he had gotten there. How he wished that these memories were an illusion.... That reality was different...

a few days ago

"Hey,look Heero! There's another one!" Duo said cheerfully, pointing at a dog. He and Heero were spending their holidays on an island. They soon found out that it was normal there for dogs to stray around. No one cared about them and no one cared if they were run over by a car, just like the pigeons in Vienna.

"Duo", Heero sighed, "you can't take all of them with you, you know? No matter how poor they are."

"But I can give him food, can I?" The braided boy smiled. That smile melted away all of Heeros doubts. Duo had just a kind heart. Why not let him enjoy himself?

"Come here, doggy. Come to uncle Duo." Duo crouched down and patted the ground beneath him. "Come here, I have yummyyummy food for you." Heero had to smile. That was Duo, always ready to help, always kind.

The dog looked at Duo before suddenly running away across the next street, barking. "Wait!!" Duo shouted, running after the animal. Heero watched in amusement before he noticed a truck coming from the right. Shocked, he started shouting.

"Duo!!! Watch out!!" But it was too late. Duo could only turn his head to see the truck before it hit him with all its might. Heero was perplexed for a moment, watching the falling boy. For him it was like a slow-motion. How the front of the truck hit his beloved, how Duo slowly fell sidewards and how the boy finally made contact with the ground. Heero's eyes reacted on instinct as they started wheeping.

"...Duo...." Slowly, Heero went forward, not taking his eyes away from his knocked out lover. Meanwhile, the driver cursed and quickly phoned the ambulance with his cell phone. But Heero vaguely registered the shouting man for he finally arrived the fallen boy.

"Duo.......Duo...... open your eyes, Duo......." The japanese boy murmured. Finally his mind wanted to understand, and all he could do was letting his emotions go.


The doctor closed the door behind him as he walked out of the room. Just a second later, Heero rushed forward, nearly running the doc over.

"How is he? Will he die? How great is the damage? Can you do something for him? How..." Heero asked so fast that the doctor hardly heard anything.

"Slow down, boy. Cool down. I have examined your friend and so far he will be okay. But he will keep some damage." The doctor stated calm.

"And what? What kind of damage??" Heero blurted out.

"Well, besides the cuts and the bruises, I fear he will not be able to walk anymore..."

"You mean....?" The boy looked at the doctor in shock.

"Yes... I'm afraid he is paralyzed, from the waist down."


"He can consider himself as lucky for he could be dead by now. If the driver hadn't called immediately, your friend would be dead." A short silence followed before Heero asked his final question.

"...Can I see him?"

"Of course, but at the moment he isn't awake. You can visit him all day long and If you want, the nurse can bring you a blanket and some necessary things so that you can sleep here." The doctor suggested.

"Thank you." Heero said before opening the door to Duo's room. It was a quite small room with two beds. The first one was occupied by the braided boy. The boy got an infusion and there were many plasters and bandages all over his body. The hair was still a bit dirty from the accident. All in all, Duo looked more dead like alive.

Heero took a nearby stool and sat down beside the wounded boy. Carefully he lifted one hand and stroked it tenderly.


2 days later

"Can... can you say that again?" Heero stared at his boyfriend in disbelief. Duo, who sat in his wheel chair, just woke up the day before and told Heero something that made the japanese boy's blood turn cold.

"Heero... I promised. I have to do it. Solo did it as well. And I never break my promises. If I don't die like this then my soul will never rest in peace." Duo tried to explain.

"Why have you made such a silly promise!?! Why??" Heero shouted. He couldn't believe that Duo and Solo promised each other to die out of their free will in case one of them depended on someone.

"It isn't silly, Heero. We said that we didn't want to be dependent on someone ever again. So, to prevent dependence, we promised each other death to escape that faith." Duo explained calm.

"Please, Heero. You know I love you. And you do love me, do you?" It didn' take Heero long to answer.

"Of course I do! Of course, Duo. But... but I don't want to lose you. I... " The japanese boy hugged his lover tenderly before trying to continue the sentence.

"I can't live alone, Duo. I am afraid of the loneliness." Heero stated.

"I know. But you will have to exept it, Heero. I love you, Heero. But a promise is a promise. Will you help me now, Heero? We have to hurry..." Heero nodded before lifting his braided lover and hurrying out of the hospital.


"Heero?" Duo's worried voice brought Heero back to reality.


"I want to stay here, Heero. I want to watch the sea and the sundown one last time." Heero nodded before giving the long haired boy a passionate kiss.

"Mhh.. are you trying to change my mind, Heero?" Duo joked.

"No, love, I have accepted your will and I will accept the way you will take. But I want to be at your side when it happens." Heero demanded.

Duo's answer was a light kiss onto Heero's lips. Then he turned his head towards the sundown which was colouring the sky with light pink and strong red and orange colours. The sea glittered and Heero sighed, knowing that these hours would be the last ones he could spend with Duo.

The next morning

A cold wetness touched his face as Heero woke up. He blinked and looked around in confusion.

"Duo?" As he got no answer, he suddenly panicked, getting onto his two feet.

"Duo!" The boy shouted. But there was no answer. "Duo!!! Answer me!!" His mind slowly formed the answer why Duo wasn't answering, but Heero refused that opportunity.

Please, please don't tell me he did it already. Please don't tell me I can't say good-bye to him anymore, Heero silently pleaded while looking for his braided lover. Until he saw something glistening in the sand. No, please don't let it be....

But it was Duo's golden cross. The japanese boy slowly lifted the thing that Duo had left for him and looked at it while the tears ran freely over his cheeks.

"Why,Duo? Why did you leave me? I even couldn't say good-bye... " A short silence followed as Heero looked at the cross on his palm before he continued his monologue.

"Did you choose this place because you wanted the end right where it all began? The beginning and the end,....joined.... " A silent sob escaped Heero.

"We could have worked it out... together. But there's no 'we' anymore, no 'together'... Now I'm the one who is helpless. I am the one who is dependend, Duo. I depend on . Now I have only one choice left..." With that, Heero slowly climbed up the quite high cliff. As he reached the top, he made a final look around the beach before getting ready to jump.

But then something suddenly caught his eye. A still... figure, inside the water, on a stone. Heero couldn't believe his eyes. Could it be? Could it really be??? But before he could think any further, his body already reacted, climbing down the cliff again as fast as he could and rushing towards the still body. As he got closer and closer the cheerful and overwelming happy feeling spread over his whole body. It was Duo! He could still be alive!!

"Duo!" he shouted while struggling against the waves. "Duooooo!!"

As soon as he reached the stone, he quickly checked the cold body. He was alive! His Duo was still alive. But cold! He had to get him back to the shore quickly.

After a hard struggle against the water, he finally reached the beach and quickly looked for the blanket he had used yesterday. As soon as he found it, he hurried back to his lover, gathering him into his arms and warming him up. Soon Duo woke up.

"H...Heero?" A hoarse whisper.

"Yeah, it's me..." Heero smiled, fighting his tears. He was so happy to have his Duo. Promise or not, he was glad to have his lover back.

"It seems that god didn't want me to walk on Solo's way...." The braided boy smiled weak.

"And I'm happy with the fact... I love you, Duo."

"I love you too, Heero...." And so Heero spend the next few hours with warming up Duo and thanking God for the gift he had just received, his one and only lover who came from the sea.

The End
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