Deep Green Sea
by Ponderosa

Some decisions in life are so important they're made without any thought given to the consequences. If a child wanders out into a busy street, you'll run in to traffic and snatch them out of the way of an oncoming car. That's just how you are. You react and you do what you need to do. You do what's right.

Other decisions in life sneak up on you, and you would've seen them if you'd really paid attention. These ones can carry with them the weight of the unknown, and the possibility that you'll make your choice -- and it will be the wrong one -- is flat out terrifying.

When faced with the knowledge that you and your best friend have fallen in love, what's there to be done? Isn't it what you've always dreamed of? Someone that shares your sense of humour; who loves vanilla ice cream and the smell of asphault after it rains? Someone who knows you well enough that he surprised you with a trip to Earth so you could spend a week enjoying the raw beauty of the seaside?

And what do you do when he take the first step and admits his love aloud, when he comes clean and tells you that he wants to hold hands with you, spend his life with you, and make love to you while he runs his fingers through your hair.

You stand there like a fool, wishing your heart was as numb as your toes and you watch the dream slipping away... walking away... fading away like his footsteps in the cold wet sand.

His form grows ever smaller as he leaves. He loves you enough that he's willing to wait, but if you don't act now, you might never do anything. As much as you're afraid, you start to run. You stumble at first, feet having sunken into the sand, but then you're flying, racing down the shoreline, hair whipping out behind you as you grab his shirt and whip him around to kiss him.

"Me too," you say between gasping breaths as you both sink onto the sand, lips brushing and tongues tasting on one another's lips what could be salt spray or could be tears. Water soaks through the knees of your thin jeans and your breath mixes with his as you clutch his neck and press your forehead to his. "I love you too."

You pull back and admit your feelings over and over. It becomes easier each time the three words leave your lips, but the wind steals the sound of your voice and drowns it in the deep green sea. He can't hear it, but it doesn't matter, his intense blue eyes are fixed on your mouth and memorizing the shape of your confession.

He is the sea, with his heartbeat strong beneath your fingers, regular and even like the booming surf. You, you're the sand, shifting at his touch, melting beneath his kisses.

And you know, that you will never, for all your years to come, regret your decision as you rest safe in his arms and let him wash away your fears.

The End
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