~Our seen opens with Jeanne sitting alone in the Aqua Station . She is twiddling her thumbs...waiting...and waiting...and~ Nuriko: And this is where we have all our food and entertainment ~he leads a large, shadowed group into the room.~ Jeanne: Nuriko! ~Nuriko jumps~ who did you bring to the Aqua Station without my extencive and in advanced written permission? friend and a few of her friends? Jeanne: So, explain to me why you're in girls clothing again? Nuriko: Oh! Did I put a dress on this morning? Silly me! Jeanne: Nuriko dahling, be a dear, tell- Angel: That's my line! Jeanne: ~eyebrow quirk~ Angel-Dumont-Shunard? Angel: ~steps out of the shadow~ In the flesh. Jeanne: ~glomps Angel around the legs~ * Love * Collins: Let her go! Jeanne: ~leaves Angel with a sniffle~ Sorry...Collins?! Where's Rodger? Mimi? Mark? Maureen? Joanne? Benny? The squeegee guy? TSG: ~with mini-squeegee, comes up and squeegee's Jeanne's "smart glasses"~ Honest Living Man! ~takes 500 yen from Jeanne~ Jeanne: ~swoon~ Squeegee guyyyy! Nuriko: Ew. Anyhow, Angel and I are in a support group together. I didn't think you'd have a problem with me showing these guys around. Jeanne: ~serious momemnt~...Nuriko, don't tell me you have AIDS... Nuriko: No...It's a group for cross-dressers who die during the plot. Jeanne: Oh...Ah! Manley! Joey! Mark! Stu! Myiia! Jai! Karmine! Maggie! [1] Nuriko: Don't you mean Rodger, Marc, Collins, Benny, Joanne, Angel, Mimi, and Maureen? Jeanne: Same diff. Here! I have something for each of you to say! ~passes out note-cards~ In order of appearance please. Rodger: This story is Jeanne's entry for the Moments of Rapture fanfic contest? Mark: She doesn't own Gundam Wing or RENT. Dirty Pop? Collins: This story is 1+2+1? Benny: That means it's yaoi and/or shounen ai. I don't think I want to know... Joanne: If you don't like two boys who are in love, go away. So I get to leave? Angel: And I'm stuck here?  Oh, my turn. Jeanne is dedicating this fic to all the RENT-heads who aren't *NSYNC fans because she can. And also to Jeff, even though the only thing this fic and Jeff have in common is he liked anime. She doesn't think Jeff liked yaoi, but he passes away and she's making the dedication. Mimi: She also thinks everyone who can should do their local AIDS walk or help fight AIDS in some way. Maureen- The story is rated PG-13 Jeanne: OH NURIKO! Can I keep them? Nuriko: No! Jeanne: Then they're staying here until the fic is over!

Forget Something?
by Jeanne


'MAXWELL, DUO' is what it said on the clipboard hanging on the door. Heero Yuy was, of all things, nervous. After countless missions and various other incidents in his life he was afraid of a door. He ran long fingers through his messy brown hair, and sighed. In the six years since the war, he'd hardly seen Duo. Of course they would meet up here and there. Heero had been occupying his time by creating elaborate security systems that would fool anyone but himself. A bit of a hobby he'd picked up from his year in Relena's service before he left since she refused to understand that he wasn't going to fall in love with her. Duo had taking the job offer at the Preventers and the two of them had found themselves working together when Duo needed the inside scoop on the life of a person who had one of Heero's security systems put in. Heero would casually make the connection for Duo to find out whatever it was he needed to find out. This was something Heero would only do for Duo. Other Preventers had asked him for his help, but he couldn't trust them and allow them to invade the privacy of his clients.

And now Duo had landed himself in the hospital. Heero couldn't bring himself to walk through that damn door. Quatre was already in the room since he'd been the one to find Duo and bring him to the Hospital. Apparently Quatre and Duo were supposed to have lunch together, but Duo never got there. Quatre went to Duo's apartment trying to find him since Duo wasn't answering his cell. He found Duo lying unconscious on the floor.

Trowa was sure to be there too. There was a reason why Quatre tended to do work in the area's the circus was currently traveling in. Wufei may have made it, but Heero knew he might be on assignment.

It was now or never. Heero had to go into that room or go back to his work. Yes, that was it. He'd go back home and work. He'd call soon and find out how Duo was doing. He settled on turning around and walking away. It was the best plan.

"Heero..." How had the door opened? Why was he in the room? This was not the plan. And now that Quatre had seen him, he couldn't abort. Mission failed.

"The doctor thinks he'll wake up today. I was worried it would only be Trowa and myself."

"What does he think happened?" Heero asked, moving to get a closer and unneeded look at Duo, pale and thin, attached to all sorts of beeping and buzzing machines.

"They believe he had a breakdown. There are parts of his brain that he's refusing to use. If any brain waves go to these areas his body feels a physical pain. Because of that result, he thinks Duo is trying to block out certain memories."

"Why?" Heero mumbled, still looking at the pale face that contrasted so highly with the braid of chestnut hair that was placed neatly over Duo's shoulder and across his chest.

"The standard reasons. He pushed himself too far. He was exhausted and hadn't eaten much recently."

"Hn." Came Heero's default. It fell silent after that. Everyone was just watching Duo. Wufei showed up around noon. As Heero's suspected, he'd been on assignment and had gotten away as soon as he could. The four of them all waited some more.

Around 7:00 that night, Duo's violet eyes snapped open and he began to scream. Nurses and doctors flooded the room, shoving four unwanted former Gundam pilots into a corner.

By 7:15, give or take a few minuets, only the doctor, who'd apparently been Duo's doctor since Duo's arrival, was left. Duo was also awake, but subdued.

"Duo," said the doctor as though he was talking to his only beloved son, "Do you know any of these people?"

Duo was obviously responding to English and his own name, but shook his head four times as he studied the four young men who'd moved closer to his bed.

"Do you feel any sort of comfort from any of them?"

Duo again looked at the people who knew more of his memories than he did. Quatre smiled warmly. Trowa tried to do the same, however it came off as more of an uncomfortable smirk since he didn't smile too much. Wufei attempted to look natural and that landed him with a slight scowl. Heero stood neutral. Duo looked longer at Heero than the others, trying to drill holes through the emotionless cobalt blue eyes. Finally, when Heero was hardly able to take that innocent stare, Duo looked to his doctor, pointed at Heero, and said "Him."

"Alright" said the doctor. He then gestured for Heero to leave the room with him. Once through the door the doctor's cheery attitude fell away. "You," he pointed a finger at Heero's chest, "have hurt him somehow, but he needs to stay with you. He can't stay by himself in this condition."

"I do things alone."

"I don't care how you do things, you're taking your friend back home with you and he's going to stay there. This man can't live on his own in his state. God only knows what might trigger a memory he's locked away. He could do damage to the people who may be around him, or worse yet, himself. You're the only person he claims to feel some form of comfort around. If he really is a friend of yours, you'll do this for him."

A nod betrayed Heero's mind and the doctor accepted it without giving Heero a chance to change his word. He was pulled back into the room where the other three tried to make first contact with Duo. Duo cringed away from them. "I hate you interrupt, but Mr. Maxwell will be staying with Mr. Yuy until he recovers his memory." The doctor announced. Quatre gave a quick look at Heero for conformation. Heero was almost portraying fear on his face so Quatre knew the doctor was telling the truth. He let the room with the others to pay the bill and pick up their lives again.

"Duo, you're going to go to your new home now." The doctor coddled.

Duo responded with a glare. "I'm not a child." That was the last time Duo talked until they got to Heero's apartment. At first, it was nice for Heero not to have Duo babbling on the whole way home. After five minuets he couldn't stand Duo's silence. The constant chatter had been a part of who Duo was to Heero.

"I never said I wanted to live with you." He announced bluntly when they arrived home.

"I never said I wanted you here." Heero replied. Pain flashed across Duo's face, but it was so quick that if you'd blinked, you would have missed it. Heero sighed. "You're room is down the hall, the one on the right. Mine's on the left and there's a bathroom next door down from mine. It's late and we should get some sleep."

Heero waited for Duo to get into his room before he closed the door to his own room.

When Heero awoke the next morning, he crossed the hall and tried to open Duo's door. The door had never had a lock on it, but something was pushed up against the door and stopping Heero from getting in. Heero didn't have too much time to worry about it considering he did still have a job to do. He'd put a new client on hold so he could run off to see Duo and he had to finish the job. He would also have to look into transferring Duo's funds here. Heero had no intention of letting this impact him financially, not even for a friend.

He left a small breakfast by Duo's door and knocked quickly. "Duo, I'm going to work. There's food out here if you're hungry." Heero got no response, and left. (What would you do?)

The pattern continued for a few days. All the food Heero left for Duo was gone when Heero returned home, and all the dishes used were washed and put away. It wasn't until that one Friday afternoon that Heero got home early. He had finished up the system and was able to return home. He found Duo's room shockingly empty. Instinct demanded he find the braided one and make sure he wasn't in any trouble, but he noticed old boxes lay open about the room. The walls were also decorated suddenly. Heero had completely forgotten about the pre-colony films, books, and appliances he'd left in this room. When people asked, he said he kept it all incase something had just what he needed for a new system. Really, he was fascinated by it.

The walls were no a reflection of the time. Duo had apparently cut out all the letters from magazines to write quotes on the walls. "NO DAY BUT TODAY" "THE GREATEST THING YOU'LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN" "MY HEARTS FAR, FAR AWAY, HOME IS TOO" "WISH I COULD BE PART OF THAT WORLD" "HUMANS WERE MENT TO WALK TWO BY TWO" and "MEASURE YOUR LIFE IN LOVE" [2] were some of the ones Heero spotted first.

Heero left the room and proceeded to search the whole apartment. Not a strand of chestnut hair in sight. He searched again, and no violet eyes peered out at him. Heero looked out the small window in the kitchen after his second search and saw something flapping in the wind down on the beach bellow. Heero had chosen to live and work here because the people he usually worked for wanted security systems in vacation homes. This left Heero alone to do his work. The view was also incredible. But the flapping on the beach bothered him. It was winter, and even though it stayed warmer here than most places, not many people spent time on the beach. The flapping object was quickly identified to be brown hair and Heero bolted to the elevator.

He sat there, a white sheet, presumably from his bed, was draped over his body. Vaguely Heero noticed the swelling waves that crashed into the sandy beach.

For reasons unexplained, Heero felt the need to be close to Duo, To comfort Duo. Granted, he didn't even know if Duo was upset, but all he wanted to do was to hug him. Not to be one who ignores instinct since it was the best thing to follow, Heero moved in slowly by reaching to Duo's left shoulder and putting a hand there. Heero and Duo sat enjoying the company of each other.

They do say all good things must come to an end, and this is no exception. Duo shrugged Heero's hand away After he wiggled enough, Heero let go. Duo pulled the sheet closer to his body.

"I don't like this Heero. I don't like you. You make it hurt and I don't know why. It hurts to look at you, hear you, smell you...everything about you. I can't remember why, but it drives me crazy! I can't stand living with you even though I'm hardly living. I can't move out though because something tells me the pain will be worse without you. This is exactly what I want more than anything else, That just makes it worse."

"Stay here'll be better."


Weeks passed by and Duo started to get used to being around Heero. There were times when Duo was just like himself. There were also times when it was the opposite extreme and Duo was nothing like himself. Usually there was a balance of the two. Heero adjusted to having Duo around and somewhere in the back of his mind, he didn't want Duo to remember whatever it was that he'd done to hurt him.

One night Heero came home late to find Duo had fallen asleep on the sofa. The TV was the only light and it flickered a soft white-blue. Heero went over and kneeled by Duo's face. He softly brushed stray pieces of hair way from Duo's closed eyes. Heero watched a shock suddenly go through Duo's body and his face squished up in pain.

"Don't touch one cares anymore...they died...they all died...didn't care...Sister Helen, they said I smell...We never get caught Solo, it'll be okay...I love him...hate..." Duo mumbled through his dream. Heero recoiled at Duo's pained words. His body was tensed and stressed until the worlds subdued to indecipherable mumbles.

The next morning Heero didn't need to do any work, so he decided to stay home with Duo. Although he'd deny the fact to himself, his decision had much more to do with what happened the night before. If Duo remembered...

"Heero?...What are you doing home?" Duo asked standing barefoot and in only a cotton robe. Heero has known Duo had been in the shower, but he'd never seen Duo's hair down and wet like it was now. Even on the beach, he hadn't noticed how long it was.

"Nothing needs to be done at work so I thought I'd stay home with you."

"That's not like you." Duo said sitting down with his fresh cut of coffee. "You've always been so predictable, is something wrong?"

"Duo you remember something from your past?" Blurted Heero in a thoughtless manner.

"Yeah, little parts. I've been having dreams, but they move too fast. I get dizzy, but...we were in a war, weren't we?"

"Yes." Heero answered. A slight streak of sadness rippled through his voice.

"Heero, were we...were we lovers during the war?" Duo spoke fast, as if it would make the reality of the question go by faster.

Heero froze momentarily, coffee cup half way to his lips. It only lasted a second or two before he placed the cup back down and responded with a rather dry "No."

"Oh..." Duo turned a deep shade of red and turned away a bit. An uncomfortable moment followed.

"Why do you ask?" Heero asked with a bit of hesitation.

"Er...just the dreams ya know? They move real fast, I just think I'm confused. I know I loved someone, but I don't think he loved me as much?" Duo spoke his self question.

"It's not me Duo."

"Are you sure?"


"Then why do I want to hold you? Heero...I know I loved someone during that war..."

"We were best friends Duo. And that was your idea."

"You don't act like a best friend now."

"It was your idea." Heero repeated.

"And you don't agree with it?"

"I guess I do." Heero paused and causally sipped his coffee, "I really never knew what you were talking about so I just went along with it."

"Heero...let me kiss you." Duo's demand rang through the small kitchen.

"Why?" Heero asked after moments had passed.

"Because, I'm pretty sure I want to. And I think I will, even if you say no. So do us both a favor and just let me get this out of my system. This has got to be some fluke from the dream and once it's gone, it's gone."

"I don't have a choice. What do you want me to do?"

"Stand up." Duo said as he did. Heero followed Duo's movement away from the table to stand face to face in the kitchen. Time hiccuped for a moment as Duo hesitated. He then put one hand on each of Heero's shoulders. "Stay still Heero." And with a deep breath Duo moved forward.

IT started out feeling like lips meshing together. It felt grouse because they each knew that mouths ate food and were filled with spit all of which was just nasty. Then came the realization that these lips were warm. A nice kind of warm. Warm and soft. Like the lips pressed against the others are the one thing that has been missing all these years. So arms started to move on there own and draped around a neck. The other set of arms found themselves gently pulling in a slim waist. Lips split open and tongues began to spar, looking for more of that delicious warmth, contact, and a state of domination.

Everything had been content until lungs exploded in a burning need for oxygen. The mouths ripped away from each other followed by gasps for air. Duo's head sunk down onto Heero's shoulder. Heero just stayed there...shocked beyond belief. He had not been expecting it to be that.

"Sorry." Duo mumbled into Heero's shoulder, "I don't think I can let go."

Heero's body refused to react, as he wanted it to. He wanted to push Duo away, tell him that he should never hold him or touch him or anything like it. Instead he pulled tighter on Duo's waist making Duo "eep" at the positive gesture.

"I thought you said-"

"Hn, I don't know everything. I can't let you go either."

"Then don't." Duo responded, burring his face in the space between Heero's neck and shoulder.

Heero's hand started running through Duo's still damp hair. "This isn't supposed to happen."

"Says who? I don't mind. Just don't start crying all over my hair. [3]

This made Heero push away just enough to look into Duo's eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"It's a play you had in my room. This drunk guy keeps crying in this girls hair."

"Oh..." Heero pulled Duo back into the embrace.

"I want my whole memory back Heero."


"We'll get it back together, okay?"

Heero smiled into Duo's hair. For now he was content to just stand with Duo in his arms.

The End

[1] The Broadway cast at the time that I saw RENT. It's changed a bit since then, but Manley Pope rocks! [2] In order of Quotes: RENT, Moulin Rouge, Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Disney's The Little Mermaid, Our Town, and RENT. [3] From the play BURN THIS. It was a joke at Oswego over the summer.

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