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Perfect Moments in Time
by Von

// Only love can make it rain the way the beach is kissed by the sea Only love can make it rain like the sweat of lovers laying in the fields Love, reign o'er me //

It was morning. He could hear the voice of the sea in his ears. As his eyes opened, Duo smiled. Just the sound was enough to make his muscles relax. The bed was warm and the moment... perfect.

A soft sound nearby, brought Duo fully awake. Looking to his right, he saw a sight that both entranced and frightened him. Suddenly, the memories of the night before came flooding back and caused Duo to tremble.

Next to him in the bed, Heero Yuy was snuggled in the sheets. The Japanese pilots dark lashes lay like half moons on his pale cheeks. He sighed again, moving a little in his sleep, as Duo watched.

'Oh no,' Duo thought, remembering the kisses and the touches.

It was almost like a dream. The embers slowly dying as he and Heero shared memories and stories of the war. He had been happily surprised when the formerly taciturn pilot had actually smiled more than he had frowned. One thing had led to another and the ultimate confessions had come into play.

"But I thought you liked her," Duo had said, watching Heero draw closer.

Settling down beside the braided pilot, Heero had looked down with a small smile. "I liked her," he said with a shrug. "I think I admired her more than anything. She was like that girl... Hilde, who came out for you."

"Yeah," Duo said, looking down and the darkening sand. "Women. Who can understand them?"

Heero had smiled again at that one. "Well, at least she had good taste," Heero had said.

In Duo's memories, he felt Heero's hand on his cheek. The sound of the ocean beat in his ears as Heero had leaned forward. There was hesitation on both of their parts, then the sudden electric shock when Heero's lips had touched his own.

Time, it seemed, had stood still while Duo felt his temperature rise sharply. Calloused fingertips, like his own, touched his chest, his stomach and the most intimate parts of his body. Sitting in the bed, he remembered falling on the sand, deliciously entwined with Heero. They could have been on another planet for all he had cared. It was the perfect mixture of taste, touch, sound and togetherness. Both young men crying out the culmination of their lust, as the waves crashed to the shore and the sea breeze cooled their hot skin.

There was the intimacy of the shower afterwards and the blending of bodies in the bed. They were snapshots... Perfect moments in time.

With the daylight had come a sense of panic. Duo rose from the bed and pulled on pants and a shirt. Without thinking, he left the beach house and went down to the sea. Passing the dead ashes from the night before, he sat facing the waves. Once again, he relaxed and watched the sea.

'More than a dream,' Duo thought. ' But I'm a lonely, Gundam...' his thoughts continued, then stopped.

"There are no more Gundams," he heard his voice say. "And I can run and hide, but I still can not tell a lie," he said, letting the words sink into his soul.

Suddenly, Duo felt the presence. 'Must be getting old,' he thought. 'He's only a few feet away. Normally...'

"It's a nice morning," he heard Heero's voice say.

Moments later, the former Japanese pilot sat on his knees slightly behind him. Duo felt the strong arm curve around his back and all thoughts of running away, subsided. He leaned back into the embrace, accepting the touch. Another perfect moment was born.

"A very nice morning," Duo replied, as the breezes blew in and gently danced in their hair.

The End
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