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Sunset Wish
by Misao-chan

It was a beautiful sunrise at the beach, the sun was slowly rising, painting the sky with the colors of the new day. Sitting on the top of the biggest rock on the shore, there was a boy, a lonely boy. He had short brown hair and eyes blue as the night sky. He was watching the show with a thoughtful expression.

On the other side of the beach there was also a boy, this one, not as quiet as the first. He was running along with a bunch of dogs, jumping, laughing and screaming as he did. Suddenly, something made him stop: the sign of another person on the beach.

"What is that? I though I was the only person who used to come to the beach that early in the morning!" -- he tried to get a clearer view of the person sitting on the rock where he was usually sitting at that time, waiting to see the rest of the people arrive at the beach. Finally, he was able to see. -- "It's a boy! Just an inoffensive boy...he he he...maybe I can scare him a little..." the little boy grinned.

"You guys stay here quietly ok? I'll go there and show this boy who is the owner of this beach!". The dogs made curious faces to him. "Ok, ok I know I'm not the owner of the beach...geez, you guys take all too seriously..." and with that, the boy started to move slowly and quietly as he could in the direction of the other boy, on the top of the rock.

Once on the top, he started to come closer to the boy, and when he was close enough, he suddenly yelled from the top of his lungs: -- "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???"

"I'm staring at the sunrise, what do you think I'm doing?" -- the other boy not even turned around to see who he was talking with.

"Weren't you scared? You were so distracted, I thought I was gonna scare the hell out of you coming out of nowhere and screaming like that on you ear." -- the little boy was truly surprised, he thought the other boy was going to jump on his skin but he barely blinked.

"You didn't come out of nowhere, you were at the beach, running, disturbing the silence... then you climbed the rock, and now you 're here. There's no surprise, actually, it was quite obvious you were going to yell."

"You're not funny."

"I'm sorry."

"You're weird..."

"At least I'm not a girl dressed in boy's clothes." -- he said casually


"Then why you have such a long hair?"

"I have it cause I like's none of your business."

"I'm sorry" -- the boy kept quiet for a little while -- "Are those dogs yours?" -- he pointed to the dogs, waiting on the foot of the rock.

"Yes...and no. I mean, they are always around in the streets, just like I used to, you can say they are my friends. Yes, they are my buddies." -- he finished with a smile.

"I see." -- the boy then, jumped from the rock and landed perfectly on his feet.

"WOW" -- the other boy said, then hurried his way down. -- "How did you do that? I mean...this rock must be like...a thousand feet high and you just..."

"It's not a thousand feet high. It's about..."

"I don't care how high it is. All I know is that this damn rock is high enough for kids like us not being able to jump from it like you just did!" -- he was truly amazed. -- "Boy, I don't think we met. I'm..."

"I don't care."

"Ok, then cut the crap, let's see what else you're capable of doing...and...maybe you can teach me some of that stuff, hu?"

"I don't think I'm supposed to..."

"C'mon!!! What are you? A hundred years old?"

"No, actually I'm 6 years old."

"You have the same age I do and you're able to do stuff like THIS?" -- the boy almost screamed -- "Now you'll HAVE to teach me how you do it."

"I said I don't think I'm supposed to..."

"Oh you're scared that little boy with girl's hair will make it better then you? Are you a man or a rat?"

"I'm NOT a rat!" -- the other boy was getting pissed

"Then prove it!"

"OK" -- and with those words, the boy started to run like the wind, and yelled -- "You'll have to prove to me first, if you have what is necessary to do stuff like that. Catch me if you can...GIRL!" -- the last word was said with emphasis.

"You'll see who's the girl!" -- and with that, he started to run after the boy the fastest way he could. Shortly after that, he was catching on the blue eyed boy.

"Gotcha!" -- and with that, he jumped on the boy. Both felt and rolled on the sand for some meters, than stopped with the longhaired one landed on top of the other. He looked at the boy under him and with a huge grin said -- "I WON!". The other boy started to laugh.

"What are you laughing at?"


"Now I'm a joke?" -- he pretended to be offended, but was almost laughing as well.

"Yeah, you are."

"You'll see who's the joke...",and he started tickling the boy, who laughed ten times harder.

"Stop it. Stop won!"

"You're damn right I won."

"Ok, I'll teach you some of my stuff,'ll have to teach me some of your stuff as well."

"My stuff? What do you mean?"

"Like talking to dogs like that. I like animals a lot...but I guess they don't like me..."

"You've got to be kidding me. Animals love everyone. C'mon I'll show you. Sugar...come here girl." -- the biggest of the dogs come running in his direction.

"Good girl. Now, caress her."


"Caress her. You know...put your hands on her head and scratches a little like this." -- the dog seemed to enjoy this a lot.

"She'll bite me."

"No, she won't. Go on rat."

"I'm not a rat."

"Then prove it. Put your hands on the goddamn dog." And the boy did. The dog was very pleased and started waving his tail madly in joy.

'She likes you."

"I suppose."

"You suppose too much. Let's start my lessons ok?"


After that, the boys spent the entire day with each other. They raced to see who was the faster, swan around, played with the dogs and laughed a lot as well. Soon the day passed, and the sun was already going down. Both boys were laying on the same rock from the morning and looked at the sunset.

"Isn't it beautiful?" -- the braided one said


"The sunset!"

"You know, this is not a real sunset. We're in the colonies and the real sun is far, far away. That sunset is made up, a fake, just like this beach. They are mere copies of the real ones..."

"Sister Helen said to me once that sunsets are magic...that we should make a wish at the sunset, maybe it will come true."

"What will you wish?"

"I'll wish...let me see...I wish that my days will be happy just like today, during all my life! Yeah, that's a nice wish... I hope sunsets are really magic..."

"Not this one, this one is fake..."

"Then, where is the real sunset?"

"The real sunset is on Earth. The planet where life first started."

"It must be a real cool planet..."

"I suppose."

"Someday...I wish I'll be able to see the sunset on Earth. The real sunset. And a real beach as well...a real sunset at a real beach! What do you say? Would you come with me?"

" Sure!" -- Both boys looked at each other and smiled. "But I think that this will take a while...because we're kids and all." -- The blue-eyed one said.

"That's ok! Look..." -- the boy picked two shells from the sand. "We'll make a promise ok? In...let's say...nine years from now, we'll meet again, on Earth! We'll met at the beach on Earth do you copy?"

"Yeah I do, but... why nine years?"

"Because...ten is too much!"

"And nine isn't?"

"Is it really that important?"

"Ok, nine years...but... how will we run into each other? We'll probably be different you know..." -- the boy sounded sarcastic.

"That's what the shells are for. Here, this is yours and that one is mine." -- He gave the other boy an orange shell, and kept a white one for himself. "Use it in your neck, I'll do the same, and with that, we'll recognize each other. What do you think?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me."

"It's settled then." -- the boy sighed and laid on his back looking at the now dark-blue sky.

"It's late. I have to go" -- the boy looked at his watch -- "Fast. See you." -- and with that, he started running at light speed again.

"Wait! I don't even know your name...." -- the braided one yelled

"Neither do I..."" -- the other yelled back [1]

"You don't have a name?" -- but it was already too late, and the other boy couldn't be seen anymore. "I guess I'll know it in nine years." -- and the boy looked at his white shell.

Nine years had passed and still, Duo couldn't forget about his promise on the beach that day. That boy...that day on the beach was the best memory of all his childhood, heck maybe his life. After that, all he had was disgrace after disgrace, but somehow, he managed to escape all of them. Something on the back of his mind kept saying that, it had to be a reason for all that. Why he survived? Why he? So may people were involved on the Maxwell Massacre and he was the only one left. Maybe...just maybe, he was destined to something...but destiny, that is such a complicated thing to use as bases for anything.

"War. Such a horrible thing to be involved the hell did I get into this anyway? I guess it was my destiny as the God of bring the ultimate peace for all those I killed. People think I don't value their wrong they are...I value their lives much more than I value my own. Why I'm living anyway? No one cares if I'm alive or not...I guess I'll find it out once and for all in one day... just one more day..." Duo didn't like the way his thoughts were taking... "Crap, I'm getting all sentimental about this again...". Duo was right, this had already gone a little too far, he came to that conclusion after not sleeping for almost a week because of anxiety. Besides, on the last week he did more thinking about his life, then he had done in all his years of existence.

He went downstairs in the direction of the little room of the safehouse they were currently on, Quatre insisted on calling "kitchen". He opened the fridge looking for something to eat. Heero arrived at the room.

"Hey Heero, do you want to eat?"


"What you're doing?"

"Not your business"

Heero was always like this, Duo wished he wasn't always that cold to him, after all, he had a major crush on the perfect soldier.


"OK"? This was weird. Heero was surprised by his friend's response. Usually he would insist and try his best to know what Heero was up to, but this time, he didn't.

"I'm gonna crash. Night." -- and with that, the boy left, not seeing the look Heero gave to him while he did this.

Once inside the room, he laid on the bed, trying his best to relax, maybe get some sleep, his eyes were already red and with bad purple marks under them. He tried his best to sleep, but nothing worked, and once again he spent the night rolling from side to side in the bed. In the next morning, he was woken by Heero's voice.

"Duo, are you alright?"

"What?" -- Duo though that now he REALLY needed some sleep, he just had imagined Heero talking to him, asking if he was all right.

"I asked if you're alright." -- Heero repeated the question

"Why are you asking that?"

"It's been a week now. You're not sleeping."

" Do you really care?" -- Duo wasn't in the mood for games, the lack of sleep seemed to be finally taking it's tool on him.

"Try me."

"Ok. Heero I'm seriously thinking about suicide."

"Really?" -- he sounded sarcastic -- "Why is that so?"

"You think I'm kidding...but I'm not." -- he stood up and breathed deeply -- "Look Heero, my life doesn't worthy shit. I'm a waste of good atoms, a murderer and nothing else. Why do you think someone would want one of these around?"

"You can't be serious..." -- Heero was shocked. Did Duo really mean all of this?

"I'm Heero, I'm deadly serious...when I'm gone, no one is gonna miss me... I don't have parents...I don't have a girlfriend...I don't have friends who would miss me..."

"Quatre would."

"He has would comfort another, and in a short notice, both would forget it."

"Wu-fei would."

"What he would miss the much? My practical jokes? Me being annoying all the time around him? He wouldn't miss me at all..."

"I would."

"I know you too well, 'Mr. Heero-perfect-soldier-Yui' you would miss your spandex much more..." -- Duo thought that this one really hurts, even if he was the one saying it.

"If you think so..."

"Then I'm right? You wouldn't miss me at all!" -- that one hurt even more.

"I didn't said that."

"Then what you're saying Heero?" -- this conversation was getting bad...

"All I'm saying is...there's always someone..."

"NO THERE'S NOT!" -- there was not even a trace of Duo's always shine-smile-happy face now -- " Don't try messing with my head, Heero. No one would miss me, and you know it."

"Stop being such an idiot Duo. No one would miss me too and I'm not thinking about killing myself. People out there needs us to fight the war they are not capable of fighting for themselves." -- "Where did that come from?" Heero thought, "Why Am I angry with him?"

"No one would miss you?" -- Tears started to form on Duo's purple-blue eyes.

"Tears?" the other boy though, "why is he...? " but before he could finish his toughs, Duo answered his own question.

"I would, Heero. I would miss you like hell. But I know you wouldn't miss me at all. Does that answer your questions? Is this a life worthy of living?" -- the tears were falling out of control from his eyes -- "A life where no one loves you? Where you don't have no one not even to hear some stupid history you wanna tell, or answer to your questions? A life you live mainly because of a ridiculous...because of a stupid little hope of happiness that you let grown in the back of your head? I'm sorry...I don't think that's enough...not anymore." -- He closed his eyes, letting the tears wash his face.

Duo then ran out of the room, his tears dropping on the floor as he did. Along with the tears he dropped something else. Heero though about going after him, but that little something on the floor called his attention. He picked the object from the floor.

"What have I done?" -- he thought.

Once in the garden, Duo turned around looking for an escape. He had to get out of this house as fast as he could. He saw the car in the garage. If he were lucky enough,the keys would be inside of it.

"Yes." -- he thought as he started the engine, and got out of the garage.

He drove for hours. He was neither hungry nor thirsty, all he could think now was the things he had said to Heero. Did he mean all of that? The thought of saying to Heero that he would miss him, now made him very angry.

"I'm such an idiot..." -- and he increased the speed of the car.

"Why did I said all of that?" -- 100 km/h

"Would I really miss him?" -- 120 km/h

"No, I wouldn't..." -- 130 km/h

"Would I?" -- 140 km/h

"I would..." 150 km/h

"What is it?" -- 160 km/h

"Am I in love with that cold bastard?" -- 170 km/h

"It can't be..." -- 180 km/h

"IT CAN'T BE!!!" -- 190 km/h

In that moment he realized how fast he was going. That was it, the answer was so clear in front of his blurry eyes... he didn't had to stop, he just had to keep on like this and sooner or later he would be to fast to stop it. It was now or never. And he increased the speed even more..200 km/h, 210 km/h, 220 km/h...

"I've never felt that alive before...I guess it's the danger..." he put his hands on the back of his head, the car now, totally out of control. Then, he looked at his side and saw the beach.

"OH MY GOD... I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" -- and at the same time he put his hands back where they were, another hand pulled the emergency break while another voice yelled "STOP IT!!!".

The car stooped violently, spinning around. When it finally stooped spinning, Duo looked at his back. And saw Heero, his hand still on the emergency break. He looked at Duo, his hands now, on the other boy's shirt.

"What do you think you were doing?"


"Answer me." -- his voice was full of pain.


"Answer me!!!" -- the boy almost yelled this time.

"I don't know...I don't wanna answer you.. LET ME GO!" -- he managed to get away from the blue-eyed boy's grip

Heero tried to pull him back, before he could get out of the car, but Duo was fast. He tried to pull him by his braid, but he just grabbed the end of it, pulling the hair tie, and letting the other boy's hair now loosen.

Duo ran in the direction of the beach, as fast as he could. He stooped when he stood very near to the ocean. Then he put his hands inside his shirt, looking for something that should have been there.

"No, no, no...not this too..." -- he felt on his knees, hands buried on his face, crying once again.

"Are you looking for this?"

Duo looked at the direction of the voice, and what if he hadn't already been on his knees, he would be now. Heero was holding a white shell on his hand.

"..." -- the braided boy tried to say something but the words wouldn't come out. He cleaned his throat and tried once again -- "...Where did you...? Why...? How do you know...?" -- he knew this didn't make any sense, but in that moment he wasn't very sure of what made sense anymore.

Heero put his hands inside his shirt and pulled out a silver necklace with an orange shell. His eyes were now full of tears as well.

"I would miss you Duo. I would miss you like I did on the past nine years..."

"You mean you knew..."

"I didn't knew it until yesterday,when we fought and you dropped the shell on the floor. When I saw the shell I realized I had done a terrible mistake, but...when I saw your tears on the floor..." -- he stooped, looked to his foot, and then felt on his knees, looking directly into Duo's eyes -- "...I realized I had really screwed it"

Duo still couldn't think properly.

"Duo...I was trained since I was a baby...never aloud to play, to run with the other kids...I was never aloud to love anyone. This would endanger my training...until now, I was living for a memory, a single memory I had of my childhood, a memory of the only day I ever felt happy...a memory of my day in the beach... with you!" -- Duo didn't answered -- "I understand if you feel like I have no right of saying that...I never treated you the way you deserved and..."

Duo's mouth suddenly silenced Heero. He closed his eyes and kissed him deeply with passion. A soft, delicate kiss. When he broke the kiss, he looked Heero in the eyes.


"What for?"

"For showing me that you care...that I'm worthy of something...that this life has some meaning after all..."

Now it was Heero's turn to silence Duo with another kiss.

"Don't EVER doubt about how much you're worthy." -- the boys hugged each other for a long time.

"Hey saved me. If you hadn't pulled the emergency break, both of us would be probably dead by the way, how did you got in the car without me noticing?" -- Duo broke the hug with that question.

Heero blushed. -- "Don't ask! It's embarrassing..." -- he hugged the boy again.

"Look Heero. Isn't a beautiful sunset?"

"You know... Someone told me once, sunsets are magic...I didn't believed it then...but now, I think I do."

"Me too."

"Make a wish Duo."

"I wish I can be with you forever..."

"Don't worry...this is the real sunset remember? And maybe if it weren't, I WOULD make this wish come true for us." -- he smiled, one of his rare, genuine smiles.

They stood there, looking at the sunset in the beach on their knees, still hugging. None of then thinking about what was still to didn't matter, because now, they had found each other again.

The End
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