Pairing: 2x1
Rating: NC-17
Category: Alternate reality, envy, lust
Summary: Two guys and a car.
Note: This fic was inspired by a simple touch... Duo's fingers gliding over Heero's car in Heartfelt's "Quality Control." Thanks for the great image, Heartfelt!
Additional note on car anatomy: a car's "hood" is its "bonnet."

Little Red Corvette
by Artemis

A tomato red Corvette pulled up next to him at the light. Its engine rumbled with the sound of caged heat and restrained speed. Duo loved cars like this, but usually despised the men who drove them. They so rarely cared for the car itself -- looking at it as merely a means to picking up chicks or making guys jealous.

He let his eyes drift over the convertible's sensually curved hood. Like the backside of a lover it beckoned for his touch. His fingers twitched on the steering wheel of his pickup. A car like that had to be owned by someone with money and someone who didn't live in this excuse for a town. And the guy sitting behind its wheel definitely fit that description. He was dangerously good looking with his dark, messy hair, sunglasses and a body as tight and well formed as the machine around him.

The man looked over, giving a nod, and Duo snapped his mouth shut. He'd been caught drooling like a stupid hick. Damn.

A honk from behind told Duo the light had changed, and at the same moment he noticed the Corvette was in motion. He caught up quickly to re-establish his place in the hierarchy of the road, but he needed to stop for gas. Game over, he turned into the Shell station.

At the pump, Duo hopped out of his truck, wearing coveralls from his job as an auto mechanic. He was on his way home, so he didn't much care who saw him, until the guy in the red convertible pulled up to the pump next to him. Both men took hold of the fueling hose and glanced at each other as they inserted the nozzle into their respective vehicles. It was like a scene from a bad porn movie. Duo barely suppressed a groan as the guy leaned into his car, giving the nozzle a subtle thrust of his hips. If he didn't know better, he would swear the guy was flirting.

He tried to act casual and pretend not to have noticed. He grabbed a wash squeegy and proceeded to soap down his windshield. The bug splatter was enough to make him squirm and he had to put some muscle into the task to get it clean. It was an exercise in futility. It was high summer and his truck was covered in bug goo. Besides, his old beater didn't look any better without the bugs.

The pump popped, indicating his tank was full, and he re-set the nozzle into its holder. He looked up to find the Corvette's owner wasn't standing there any longer. Must've gone inside to pay, Duo thought. He unzipped the top of his coveralls and fished for his wallet in a pocket.

On his way inside, he nearly collided with the Corvette guy on his way out. They side stepped each other in the doorway, both apologizing. Duo held his breath and watched the guy walk to his car. He had never seen anyone that beautiful in the flesh, only in movies and magazines.

Inside, he paid for his gas and bought a candy bar to take the edge off his end of the day hunger. As he returned to his truck, he saw the convertible drive away. Why couldn't he have been wearing something classier today? Well, he didn't own anything classier for one thing, but something less grease monkey would've been nice.

The next morning he was back at work at 7 a.m. It was a struggle getting up early five days a week, but he loved heading home in the early afternoon. He lived for summer afternoons and evenings. He'd go for a long drive or just sit on his back porch with a cold beer, watching the sun go down.

Folks thought it was odd how he spent his free time alone. He was a veritable social butterfly at work. On occasion he would go out with the boys to a bar for a round or two, but he tried to avoid it if he could. Inevitably, and with the best intentions, they tried to send him home with some bright-eyed, but desperate girl. He had caved to that pressure a couple of times and it hadn't ended well. Pretending to be something he was not just complicated life. So, he had taken to avoiding the whole scene.

Today, all signs pointed toward a good day. The paper boy had managed to land the newspaper on the front step instead of on the roof or in a puddle, and his boss had brought donuts from the corner bakery. To top things off, Otto, the ape of a mechanic who worked in the stall next to him, had the day off. That meant there was one less guy to hassle him about why he didn't have a girlfriend.

He was halfway through a tire rotation, and his second honey glazed donut, when he heard his name called over the intercom.

"Duo Maxwell. Please come to the service desk."

He looked up at the speaker and scrunched his nose. He was hardly ever called to the service desk. That was the plush room where the service manager dealt with the customers, and the place for clean shirts and grease free hands and fingernails.

"Geez." Duo wiped his hands on a rag, removing almost none of the grime from the tires. He considered going into the employee washroom to scrub them clean, but heard his name called once again. "What's the rush?"

He schlepped to the service area, noticing with a th-thump of his heart a red Corvette in the drive-up lane. The garage's owner and service manager, John, came bounding out from behind glass doors.

"I want you to work on this next."

Duo looked to the Corvette and back at his boss. "Okay. So have one of the boys bring it around."

"Can't do that. Guy who owns it gave me strict instructions that no one was to touch this car but you."

Duo laughed. "Yeah, right."

"No joke. I think the guy's a bit of a nut job, and from the look in his eyes, I don't want to find out."

"Who is he?" Duo hoped the question would confirm that it was the yummy guy he'd seen the day before.

"Name's Yuy. He's not from around here."

"Then how does he know me?"

John shrugged. "Came in and said Duo was to work on his car and absolutely no one else was to touch it."

"How's he gonna know...."

The service manager gave him a hard look. "He said he'd know and I'm inclined to believe him."

"Come on, John. What kind of bullshit is this?"

"Look, Duo. Just take the car. He wants an oil change. That's it."

Duo rolled his eyes to mask his growing excitement. There weren't many Corvettes cruising through town and this was the same make and model. It couldn't be a coincidence, could it? Had the guy taken serious notice of him? Maybe he'd been observant enough to see the auto shop's name stitched on his coveralls, and his name right below it.

He finished the tire rotation, and then came back for the Corvette. As he slid into the driver's seat he swallowed a moan. The expensive leather accepted his body like a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, curving around him and supporting him softly, yet firmly. His hands settled on the steering wheel and the world clicked into place. A car like this was a luxury, something you drove only in good weather. If you saw a guy driving one in the winter you knew he couldn't afford it.

The engine purred as it started and Duo shivered. The owner of this baby took real good care of her.

"What's your name, Sweetie?" he asked, running his hand across the dash. "Daddy must've given you a name." It was a damn shame he only had a hundred feet to drive.

He got her up on the lift and stood beneath her, admiring the undercarriage. You could tell a lot about a person from their car and the condition it was kept. Even though his '67 Chevy pickup had seen better days, he was in the process of restoring it and one day soon it'd be the belle of the ball. He had finished the engine re-build, and now the delay was color choice. Everyone said the truck should be red, the most iconic color for vintage pickups. But Duo had wavered on that idea leaning toward an aqua blue with white trim. But seeing this Corvette made him ponder red again. Red was power and speed, and hot, sweaty sex on a summer's night. Yeah, red was the right color for this Corvette and the guy that was driving it, but Duo wasn't sure if it was the right color for him.

Once the oil change was completed, he drove the car several hundred feet to the shop's car wash. He handed her over for a no-touch wash and towel dry, before it was returned to its owner.

He was taking a bite of his sandwich when he heard his name on the intercom again.

"What the fuck is going on around here?"

The auto shop's cashier was sitting across from him at the break room's lunch table.

"Tsk," she said, scolding the bad language. "You'd better get over there. John sounds anxious."

Since when did the service manager sound anxious when paging a tech? He stuffed his sandwich back into its bag and stormed toward the service area. He turned the corner and immediately saw the problem. Beyond the glass doors the Corvette's owner was pointing his finger in John's face. It was that guy, and he looked unhappy.

Duo steeled himself for an intense customer relations moment and opened the door. As soon as he stepped into the customer service area all eyes turned to him.

"There you are," John said, relief evident in his tone. "Didn't you understand my directions?"

Duo blinked. "Oil change, right? Yeah, I got it."

"Mr. Yuy says you didn't dry-off his car. Someone else did."

Duo blinked again, this time flicking a glance toward Mr. Yuy. Damn, he had an intense look on his face. "R-right," he said slowly, assessing the complaint. "I completed the oil change and took the Corvette over for the complementary wash."

"I asked that no one touch her, but you," Yuy said.

The statement sent a shiver through Duo's body. It was at once commanding and... sexual? Or was that just his imagination?

"I guess I misunderstood and thought the 'no one but me' was only for the service. Never had a request like that before."

John and Mr. Yuy were looking at him like that explanation wasn't good enough.

"We were careful as always," Duo continued. "Like we are with all the cars."

"This isn't just any car," Yuy said. His eyes were intent on Duo, and sharp as tacks. "I didn't ask for a boy to wash my car."

Duo's eyes widened. "That's standard procedure --"

"Duo, the customer requested otherwise," John said. "It was a misunderstanding like you said, and it won't happen again."

The last words were directed to Mr. Yuy, who nodded.

"I'm willing to overlook the error."

Talk about inflated egos. This guy was used to getting his way. "Thanks, I guess," Duo said.

The man's deep blue eyes narrowed on him. There was electricity in his gaze, but as quickly as he turned it on, he turned it off.

"Yes, thank you, Mr. Yuy," John said. "We always try to satisfy our customers in anyway we can."

"Really?" The dark haired man's eyes flashed over Duo. "In that case, I may give you another try."

"We would appreciate that," John went on. "We have convenient hours and as you can see we hire only certified mechanics."

Duo's stomach churned. Why was John kissing ass when the guy had only paid for an oil change?

"I would like to see more of what your certified mechanics can do," Yuy said. "You'll be seeing me again."

"Thank you, sir!"

Mr. Yuy made a brief stop at the cashier window to pay for his oil change and then left in his little red Corvette. Duo watched as he drove out of the shop. He could have sworn the guy gave him one last look in his rearview mirror before pulling onto the road.

That night, enjoying beer and pizza on his front porch, Duo's mind raced back to Yuy and his car. There was something exciting about the guy. His dark good looks and mysterious manner were very appealing. He fit well into the type of guy Duo always fell for. Well, there were two types: the bad asses who liked to get drunk, fuck him hard and never call again, and the one's that were impossibly good looking and way out of his league and never called in the first place. Yuy was out of his league. He smelled of expensive cologne, wore Italian shoes, and had the most beautiful hands. Yeah, somehow he had noticed his hands, and they were not the hands of a laborer. The guy had money and lots of it.

Then there was the car. Duo had a healthy admiration for well-made cars, and this one was in pristine condition. There was no trace of rust, and no dings in the paint which was a color of ripened red so appealing that Duo wanted to sink his teeth into it. The black leather interior was spotless and supple, and the dash dust-free. But it wasn't until he looked under the hood that his legs quivered. The engine purred like a pampered cat, and a full diagnostic confirmed that she was perfect. If only he could spend more time with her, quality time, speeding down the open highway and shifting her gently into high gear. Then he would know the depth of care her owner provided -- the true measure of the man. He was starting to believe that this fabulous car had a decent owner. No, Yuy was much more than decent. He was as fucking fabulous as his car.

It was a one-two punch. The man and his car were beautiful and unattainable. Duo would have to settle for touching the car and eyeing the man when what he wanted was the reverse. But Yuy had flirted with him, right? He made eye contact, and used sexual innuendos when he spoke about his car. Then there was that day at the pump. He had totally thrust as he inserted the nozzle into the car's tank. If that wasn't a come on, what was?

"What I wouldn't do to get a look under his hood," Duo said and took another drink of beer.

The next week, the Corvette and its' obsessive owner were back. This time one of the tires had a slow leak. Duo walked up to the car, and John and Mr. Yuy stepped from inside the waiting area. Yuy held out the car's keys. Duo turned his hand palm side up and the keys dropped into it.

"Is there anything else I should check besides the tire?" Duo asked.

Their eyes met and Duo thought his knees would buckle. Blue eyes like that could suck a man's soul from his body.

"No, that's all," Yuy said.

"You gonna wait for her?" Duo shifted on his feet, suddenly nervous as a schoolboy.

"If it won't take long."

"Depends on the problem. I'll keep you posted."

The man stepped back as Duo drove the car to the work bay. Just knowing the guy would be waiting gave Duo a small thrill. He knew he shouldn't let himself get worked up, but the guy had come back and asked for him again.

He found a nail in the tire. Common enough problem, and Duo suggested the tire be patched, but the guy wanted a new one. It was throwing money away, but Duo did as he was asked and replaced it.

This time when he finished, he drove the car through the wash himself. He made a point of drying it off so the guy could see him from the waiting area. The wash boys teased him, wondering if he'd pissed the owner off. Why else would a mechanic wash and dry a car? Duo gritted his teeth, taking the jabs in stride. He wasn't sure what this was about, but he sure as hell wasn't going to be happy if he found out that Yuy was toying with him.

He drove the car to the front of the shop and the customer met him at the curb.

"Good as new," Duo said.

"Thank you," Yuy said, extending his hand.

Duo hesitated. Maybe this guy wasn't an elitist after all. He gave the hand a quick shake like any good businessman. "Okay, Mr. Yuy, that'll do it for you."

"It's Heero... Heero Yuy."

The name sounded vaguely familiar. "Uh, thanks ... Heero."

There was a hint of a grin on Heero's lips. "Maybe I'll see you again."

"That'd be great." Duo cringed for sounding eager.

He watched the man get into his car and drive away. Moments later, a conversation with the cashier confirmed that Heero Yuy wasn't from around these parts. The address he'd given was for the Turner Family Horse Farm outside of town. The Turners were one of the richest families in the state. This guy had important friends.

Over the next two weeks, the Corvette showed up in the shop three more times. Duo's vow not to get worked up over the stranger was wavering in foolish hope. Heero was sexy and his heated gazes enjoyable, but the flirtations were going nowhere. Each time he arrived it was the same, and Duo started to believe he was reading this all wrong. Maybe the supposed flirtations were just long, hard stares, and the guy was merely trying to scare Duo into doing a good job on his precious car.

It was nearing the end of his shift one afternoon when the signature sound of the Corvette's engine made Duo's ears perk. Even from his work bay, he could hear the car above the noise around him. Goosebumps spread over his arms and his stomach did a little flip. Damn, for all his big talk of not getting caught up in this game, he couldn't stop wanting Heero. The only touch they had shared was that handshake, but Duo had taken to finding pleasure in touching the guy's car. He let his fingers glide along the hood's surface, following its curves and imagining Heero's body. If it went no further, learning this car intimately had given him plenty to fuel fantasies of its owner.

He didn't bother waiting to hear his name over the intercom. He wiped the grease from his hands and walked to the service lane. Heero and John were standing there looking at the car. They heard Duo's footsteps and looked up.

"We need a test drive, Duo," John said, seriously.

Duo cocked his head. What could be wrong? If he didn't know better, he would think the guy was making up reasons to see him.

"She's sputtering when I accelerate," Heero said. He was looking damn good today in dark blue jeans and a tan flannel shirt and loafers.

"Sputtering?" Duo scratched his head. He'd run a full diagnostic on the engine just last week. "Are you running her cold?"

Heero turned his eyes on him. "I always warm her up before taking her all the way."

Duo gulped. "I'm sure you do. I'll take her out and see if I hear anything."

"I'll need to go with you, of course."

Duo swallowed again. "It's the customer's prerogative to ride along."

After all this time, they were going to be alone. Did he dare hope that Heero had been working up to this?

"Don't be gone long," John said. "Your shift is up in less than an hour."

John was a stickler for not paying overtime unless it was absolutely necessary. He had stopped thinking of Heero Yuy as a premiere customer. He was a frequent flyer to be sure, but oil changes and tire rotations did not add up to much. Duo wondered if John had thought this rich, eccentric customer would bring in more business. Well, he had, but only his own. It seemed that John had decided the guy was something of a nuisance.

Before they headed out, Duo excused himself to wash his hands and change out of his coveralls. He had sat behind the wheel of the Corvette many times in his mechanic's coveralls, but this time it wouldn't seem right. Or was it simply that he wanted to impress Heero? Luckily, he had worn a decent pair of jeans and a black Pink Floyd t-shirt to work. He looked good in black, and the combination of t-shirt and jeans conveyed a certain relaxed quality. After all, he wanted the guy to know him as more than just a mechanic.

When he returned, Heero was leaning against his car, his hands tucked inside his jeans pockets. His stance was so natural around cars that it made Duo wonder if this guy didn't know more than he let on. Heero gave him a small nod as he approached, and walked around to the passenger side. They got in, Duo sliding into the driver's seat. The doors closed and suddenly they were alone for the first time. Well, as alone as you could be in a garage full of mechanics and customers.

"I'll need to recreate the same conditions," Duo said as he started the car. He loved the way the engine turned over. The way it roared to life and then purred in idle.

"Then we'll need to go out on the highway," Heero said.

The highway was ten minutes from the garage. That meant they'd be together at least twenty minutes, plus the time it took to run the test. Duo's face flushed in anticipation. He drove the car out of the garage, conscious of his every move.

"You take good care of your car," he said, nervously.

"Thank you. I'm thinking of selling her."

"You are?"

"Well, I have so many."

"You do?"

Heero gave a low chuckle. "That surprises you?"

"I figured you had at least one other car, since this one would be no use to you in winter road conditions."


The one syllable response prompted Duo to glance at his passenger. "I didn't mean to imply --"

"No, you're right. I like that you know so much about cars. Now, what can you tell me about yourself?"

"Me?" Duo laughed. "There's not much to tell."

"Everyone has a story."

"Yeah, and I'm betting that your story is a heck of lot more interesting than mine."

"Because I own this car?"

Duo shrugged.

"What about your Chevy truck? I'm sure there's a story there."

"Oh, Betty? Well, you're right... She belonged to my dad." He clenched his jaw. He never talked about that. Why was he telling this guy?

"From the sound of her you've done work on the engine."

Duo looked over at Heero, giving him a sharp glance. "You do know about cars."

"You could say that."

So, the guy did have a connection to cars. But this wasn't the time to grill him. He needed to concentrate on the road.

They reached the highway, heading south out of town. It was a beautiful stretch of road, flat and straight, leaving the business district behind and turning to farm fields and eventually cutting through a state park. Duo occasionally drove out here to find a place to park and just think. There was nothing like the quiet of nature to soothe a young man's mind, especially one who spent his days with engines racing in his ears.

He accelerated to 70 miles per hour and nodded to the speedometer. "Is this when she normally sputters?"

"A little faster," Heero said.



He pushed her to 75. The car ran beautifully, smoothly... no pings, no sputters, and no hesitation.

"Whatever you heard, she's not doing it now," Duo said.

Even if he thought this was a game, there was always a chance it was not. He didn't want this turning into a customer relations debacle, so he continued with the road test. He took the car faster, conscious not to gun the engine. If there was a problem he wanted to hear it the moment it happened. Then it did happen, but instead of a sound it was a touch. Heero's hand was on his knee. Duo's heart raced along with the car. He didn't know what to say, or even if he should say anything.

Speeding down the highway, Heero's hand moved from Duo's knee up his thigh. It glided over his jeans, fingers splayed to feel the form and muscle of his thigh.

"I like having someone else drive for a change," Heero said. His hand moved to Duo's crotch and rubbed him there.

"Wow," Duo said, his breathing getting rough. "Are you really... doing that?"

A soft chuckle came from Heero's lips as he leaned toward Duo. "Like it?"

Duo nodded.

"How far does this highway go before there's a stop?"

"A long ways."

"Good. Just keep driving."

Duo glanced down at the hand, moving so cleverly and now unfastening the seatbelt to get better access.

"I don't know..." Duo protested. But the hand kept moving, popping the button on his jeans and unzipping them.

He was fully hard and it was difficult to pay attention to the road when all he wanted was to feel and to bask in the reality of Heero finally making a move he understood. That beautiful hand slipped inside his jeans, forming around his cock and stroking it. Then Heero's lips were at his ear, hot breaths warming him from head to toe.

"You know how... to make a guy crazy," Duo said, panting.

"Is that what I'm doing?"


There was a lick to his ear and then Heero descended. His head settled in Duo's lap.

"Oh, God..."

Another chuckle and his cock was pulled free, a tongue flicking its head teasingly.


"You can handle this and drive, right?" Heero asked, turning his face to look at Duo briefly.

Duo gave a vigorous nod. He would do anything to keep Heero from stopping now.

Lips descended around the crown of his cock, sucking it before taking more of him. He was in heaven: driving this beautiful car on his favorite stretch of highway while this incredible guy sucked him off.

As Heero went down on him, taking all of him down his throat and moaning as he did, Duo looked to the speedometer. He had accelerated to 100 miles per hour! And no sputter...

"I gotta pull over," he said.

"Nnn..." Heero moaned, disagreeing.

Duo knew that Heero wanted him to keep going, drive until the deed was done, but he didn't think he could do it. It was too intense, too wonderful. He would crash the car. As erotic a fantasy as that was he wasn't ready to die. His mind warred with his body. Could he concentrate long enough to get them to a safe place?

There were turnouts along the road for weary travelers: picnic grounds, trail parking, scenic overlooks, but none would do. They needed somewhere private. He scanned the scenery flying by them. There was a fishing hole not far from here. If he didn't pay attention he'd miss it. There were no signs for it, just an old dirt road that led back into the trees to a small lake.

Duo took one hand from the wheel and caressed the dark head of hair. Heero's talented mouth was still working him. It was fucking amazing, but he had to keep some control. He slowed down and turned off the highway onto the hidden road. Heero could do anything he wanted to with him once he stopped the car. There was no one around, which wasn't a surprise since it was a weekday and only townies knew this place. He braked with a jerk, throwing the car into park and turning the engine off.

"There," he sighed in relief and pleasure.

Heero took his mouth off him and raised himself so that they were looking into each other's eyes. "I want you to fuck me over the hood."

Duo's eyes widened and his cock bounced eagerly. "This has to be a dream."

Heero grinned. "Have your dreams ever felt like this?" He leant forward covering Duo's mouth in a strong, deep kiss.

Duo's cheeks blazed with warmth. "Okay... not a dream."

"Come on," Heero said, reaching past Duo to unlatch the driver's door. He seemed in a rush, but after that blow job, Duo could see that Heero had worked up a sizeable bulge, too.

They got out of the car and met in front of her, standing before each other as if making one final assessment before the attack. Duo reached for Heero, pulling him into his arms and kissing him roughly. He had never felt such a burning lust before, such a consuming desire to be with someone. Heero had everything he wanted: sizzling good looks and a car worth driving.

Not wanting to risk being seen, Duo hurried the encounter along. He unfastened Heero's jeans and shoved his hand inside, getting his first feel of all Heero had to offer. God, he hoped this wasn't a one-time thing. He needed to see and feel Heero naked beneath him, lying atop rumpled sheets. He had not guessed this guy was a bottom, but Duo liked to play it both ways, and fucking him over the hood was exactly what the mechanic had ordered.

In moments, he had Heero bent over the hood with his jeans and briefs dropped to his ankles and his shirt tossed aside. What a vision! His skin was smooth and fair, his bottom tightly formed and curved, and all silhouetted by the car's fiery red. Duo groaned as he slid up behind him, nestling his cock between Heero's cheeks. He wrapped his arms around Heero's middle, holding their bodies together. If this was all he'd get, then he wanted to touch as much skin as possible.

He put two fingers to Heero's mouth and he sucked them in, making Duo harder. Heero's tongue swirled around them, between them, and then Duo pulled them out. They were quickly nestled against Heero's opening which he rubbed gently and then let one finger slip inside. Heero arched towards the car and Duo with him, letting the finger slide all the way inside. He prepared him quickly, regretting the haste as he inserted the second finger, worked him and moved on with the show.

He spit into his hand and stroked his cock before pressing it to the opening. He braced one hand on Heero's bare hip while the other hand guided his cock. He would take it easy, as long as he could, and pushed forward. The crown of his cock disappeared inside.

"All the way," Heero said, his voice gruff with need.

Duo grunted and thrust forward, causing Heero to hiss and moan as the cock slid inside. All the way in, he pressed himself fully to Heero's behind, holding there for the count of a few breaths.

"I want to fuck you hard," Duo said, his desire spilling over.

"Then do it."

Slowly, he pulled out, watching his cock reveal itself to the crown. What a beautiful ass, and for the next few minutes it was all his. He would make good use of it. He pushed forward, sliding inside and groaned as he did. The motion was repeated again and again, pulling out and then in. His thrusts were faster and deeper each time and Heero met each one with moans and a lovely arch of his back. Heero was the most beautifully masculine man that Duo had ever met and ever had the pleasure to fuck.

Their bodies worked in tandem, seeming to know one another as though they had been lovers in another age. The Corvette rocked on its shocks beneath them, adding to the sensual delights of the coupling. Duo had it all -- the man and the car he wanted -- and he made sure to touch them both as they shared this pleasure.

He pressed one hand to the hood and the other around Heero's cock. The position steadied him for the final assault on their senses. He thrust hard, fucking Heero as deeply and as fully as he possibly could, needing to feel every inch of his cock inside the tight warmth of his ass.

"Yes," he said, rocking in and out. "Uhnn... so good."

Heero was splayed over the hood. His arms outstretched, hugging the car as his chest rubbed her with each thrust. He grunted, moaned and demanded more. "Harder!"

The command sent a final spark of desire through Duo. "Heero!" He cried out as he came. He thrust as hard and as long as he could while pumping Heero's cock and bringing him off seconds later.

"Yes... Duo!" Heero shouted, gripping the curve of the metal hood as he came all over his precious car.

Duo slumped over the sweat slicked back, releasing Heero's cock, and his braid slid forward and onto the hood, settling next to Heero. He ran his hands up Heero's outstretched arms and breathed hotly into his ear.

"You were worth the wait," he said, smiling, feeling the tickle of Heero's hair on his lips.

Heero turned his head, placing his cheek on the car's hood. "I don't let just anyone fuck me."

"Are you saying all that was a test?"

"Mmm... maybe."

Duo leaned up on his hands, looking down on Heero's broad back. "You can test me all you want so long as this is my reward."

Heero chuckled, and stretched with a groan. He'd been in that position long enough and needed to move. Duo pulled back, slipping out, and nearly stumbled to the ground. His legs were weak, but he managed to stand to right his clothes, then dropped to the ground and leaned against the car.

In seconds, Heero was dressed and sitting next to him. The car provided some shade in the late day sun. Heero looked at his watch. "You're officially on overtime."

"Fucked my way to getting time and a half." Duo laughed.

"What will your boss say?"

"Oh, probably that he didn't authorize the overtime, so I can forget about seeing it on my paycheck."

"He told me that you're the best mechanic this side of the Mississippi."

"He did?"

"Are you surprised?"

Duo tilted his head, pondering the question. He was the best, but he never expected John to admit it. "He probably just said that to impress you."

"What if I told you I'm looking for a mechanic?"

"Well, you found one."

"No, I mean a personal mechanic... to work for me full-time."

Duo sat up a little straighter. "What's the catch?"

"I've been looking for someone to add to my team..."

"Whoa, wait a minute. What team?"

Heero turned to him, putting his hands on Duo's knees. "I'm surprised you don't know. Ever heard of Formula One racing?"

Suddenly, it all clicked into place. The name, the money, the love of cars.... "Oh, fuck! Yuy! Of course, you drive Formula One cars!"

Heero smiled. "I realize the sport is not as popular in this country."

"No, I should've put it together sooner. Your name sounded familiar. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in Europe... racing?"

"The next race is a month away. I'm visiting friends here, but I also have a house on the coast."

"The Taylors."

Heero nodded. "Do you know them?"

"I shy away from the country club type."

"I see... but would you consider working for me?"

Duo scratched his head. "Was this some elaborate job interview? Because I have a job."

Heero leaned in, his lips hovering close to Duo's. "That's not how this started. I saw you and wanted you... and I knew you liked my car."

"So you brought her in to get close to me?"

"It was foreplay... I watched how you touched her, respected her and it turned me on more."

"And the job?"

"I changed sponsors recently, and need to re-build my team. Finding you was kismet."

"Kismet? Is that how they talk in Europe?"

Heero grinned. "I made some phone calls and asked around, Duo, and you are the best mechanic this side of the Mississippi. I want you... on my team."

Duo's brow tightened. "I'm not into orgies, man." He stood to put some distance between them. He was disappointed that this was all about a job and a kinky initiation fuck.

Heero stood and leaned casually against his car. "I don't go around seducing mechanics. I'm attracted to you. Have been since the moment I saw you."

"Are you saying you want me to go to Europe with you? And be... what?"

"My lover... and the head mechanic on my pit crew."

Duo blew out a breath, stirring his bangs. "I'm just a guy from small town U.S.A. I wouldn't know the first thing about running a pit crew or being your lover."

"The pit crew part I can teach you."

"And the rest?" Duo asked, hopefully.

Heero stepped forward, running his hand up Duo's arm to his bicep. "Being lovers? We'll have to take turns in the driver's seat."

Duo groaned, and closed the distance between them, taking Heero's lips in a solid kiss. "I'm so there."

Heero's hands slid to Duo's behind, giving it a firm squeeze. "I'll drive this time."

"I'd like that... 'til I get the hang of things."

Their bodies were heating, ready to come together again with all the horsepower and ferocity of the Corvette's engine. Duo pressed himself to Heero, desperate for full body contact, but suddenly realized the time.

"Damn it," he said, pressing his lips to Heero's neck. "The garage will be closing."

Heero kissed his cheek and took a small step back. "Are you ready for life in the fast lane?"

"Hell, yeah! Bring it on!" Duo grinned.

Back in the Corvette, Heero purposefully peeled out, kicking up road dust as they headed onto the highway. They laughed and hooted like young men on summer vacation with the wind whipping around them as they sped to town.

At the auto shop, Duo spoke to John privately. The man had always been good to him, and Duo hated to leave him without a mechanic.

"Mechanics are a dime a dozen," John said, teasingly.

"Just the same... it's kind of sudden."

John nodded. "Don't you worry. You're a good kid, and I appreciate you coming here to tell me face-to-face."

"Thanks, John. And it's all right to leave my truck in storage... until I get settled?"

"Sure thing, Duo."

"I won't forget this place. I'll tell everyone I know to take their car to John's Auto Body!"

They shook hands, and wished each other the best of luck.

Just as Duo was about to step out of John's office to rejoin Heero outside, John cleared his throat and stepped forward. "Uh, Duo..."

"Yeah?" Duo asked, nervously.

"I'm glad you finally found someone who makes you happy."

Duo blinked and felt his cheeks warm. He laughed awkwardly and nodded. "Thanks. I appreciate that."

Another handshake and Duo made a quick pass through the garage for more goodbyes and a promise to keep in touch.

Heero was waiting beside his car when Duo finally emerged. "Everything go okay?"

"Surprisingly okay." Emboldened by the shop owner's comment, Duo approached Heero and put his hands on his shoulders. "Promise me something."

"Anything," Heero said, leaning in until their lips met in a brief kiss.

"Don't you dare sell this car."

A grin spread slowly across Heero's lips. "I wouldn't think of it now."

They laughed, happily in agreement and slid into the car.

Behind the wheel, Heero was a dream, and more of a turn-on than Duo had imagined. His hands moved with confidence on the steering wheel and gear shaft, and his eyes never wandered from the road. Duo couldn't wait for Heero to take control and make love with the fury of a Formula One car, to unleash the skills of a professional race car driver on him. And while Heero was driving, Duo would do all he could to keep that engine running powerfully, smoothly... and purring in his ears.

The End
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