1 Sentence Fic about Duo Maxwell

Author: Sharon
Pairing: gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: This was written for a Live Journal community. The themes were taken from a table of 50, but never completed. 25 seemed to be enough.

1 Sentence Fic about Duo Maxwell

1. Comfort

Duo always finds comfort in knowing that he can rely on Wufei to bring him back down to earth whenever he gets an idea to do something beyond his abilities; he'll just never let Wufei know how much he appreciates it, because he's afraid his friend will think he's not being sincere, and will stop.

2. Kiss

One of Duo's fondest memories is of the first time Sister Helen kissed him on the forehead before sending him off to bed, assuring him that his sleep would be nightmare-free; he hopes someday he'll be able to give someone an equally memorable kiss, but for a totally different reason.

3. Soft

The last person to imply that Duo Maxwell had gotten soft after the wars met up with a very hard fist in a barroom brawl; Duo is never allowed to set foot in that particular establishment again, but it's a small price to pay for proving that just because he's short and has long hair doesn't mean he's not man enough to defend himself and his friends.

4. Pain

Every time it rains, Duo gets a dull ache in his left knee -- it's a reminder of the time he was captured and interrogated by OZ; he could take a pill to make the hurt go away, but he thinks it makes him stronger to suffer through it, as if he's proving something to the long dead soldiers who caused the injury.

5. Potato

Duo is thoroughly convinced that if anyone could disarm a person by using nothing but an innocent looking potato, it would be Trowa Barton, which makes Duo think it's all the more ironic that Trowa's gundam was the most heavily armed; had Heavyarms been custom built for Trowa, it would have been stealthy like Deathscythe, only not as cool looking.

6. Rain

When Heero accidentally rained on Duo's parade by casually mentioning in an email the final score of a game Duo taped, with great anticipation of watching on the first available evening he had free, Duo thought even Father Maxwell would consider revenge to be totally justified.

7. Chocolate

Duo can't quite understand why supplying Hilde with chocolate at certain times of the month makes her easier to be around, but he always keeps a stash hidden away, for self-preservation, just in case -- it's saved his skin on several occasions he'd rather not repeat.

8. Happiness

For Duo, happiness isn't measured by the amount of money in his bank account, or how many things he owns; what really matters most to him are the people who have touched his life, whether they're the elderly neighbors next door, the checkout girl at the local grocery, or the four strangers who later became his closest friends.

9. Telephone

Duo knows that if he needs anything -- with no questions asked or obligations attached -- he's no more than a telephone call away from Howard; knowing that, Duo is determined to never ask him for help, because he wants Howard to be proud that he can survive on his own.

10. Ears

The phrase "up to one's ears in work" always seemed like an exaggeration to Duo, until he went into business for himself, something he finds frustrating at times, but much more rewarding because of the challenge; although it means long hours, and sometimes he goes without food and sleep, the satisfaction of being his own boss more than makes up for any hardship.

11. Name

When Duo paid to have five previously unnamed stars designated after the gundam pilots, not one of them suggested that it was an impractical use for money better spent elsewhere; his friends all understand that for Duo, it symbolizes all five of them being together, always.

12. Sensual

Duo once heard someone say that "Music is the only sensual pleasure without vice" -- he's unsure if he believes that, because when he listens to Quatre playing his violin, Duo can't help feeling a little envious of his friend's ability to make the instrument sing.

13. Death

If Duo has a motto to describe his life, it's carpe diem; he tries to make the most out of every day, as if he's living for both himself and the people who were important to him that he's lost... if there's an afterlife, Duo hopes to have some great stories to tell at the reunion.

14. Sex

Duo remembers hearing some of the sweepers talk about sex, boasting of their insignificant encounters and comparing sordid details to see who could tell the most impressive story; when Duo has sex, he wants it to mean more than just something to brag about to his friends.

15. Touch

It wasn't until Quatre mentioned it that Duo realized how often he casually touches Heero, as if by putting a hand on his shoulder, Duo can pull the tension out of Heero and get him to relax more -- the fact that Heero tolerates it compels Duo to do it as often as possible.

16. Weakness

Duo is careful to hide his weakness for sea scallops, a delicacy Howard introduced him to on Earth, because he knows Quatre would make sure he always has a steady supply, thereby taking away half the fun, since Duo knows much of the enjoyment is in having them so rarely.

17. Tears

Working long hours filled with blood, sweat and tears, Duo painstakingly restores a complicated piece of broken machinery to its original factory condition, discovering in the process that the more difficult the task is, the more proud he feels when it's finally completed.

18. Speed

Duo wouldn't change much in his life, but if he could, he'd like to be able to read faster; never having had many opportunities to own books in the past, he's filled his home with them now, only he fears he'll run out of time to enjoy them well before he exhausts his supply.

19. Wind

On the table next to his bedside, Duo keeps a small device that plays recorded sounds; he falls asleep every night listening to Earth's natural music -- gentle winds blowing, waves crashing against a beach, the fall of rain on a summer's night -- ensuring that he'll never forget what was almost lost forever.

20. Freedom

It's a little known fact that one of the reasons Duo didn't accept the chance to work for Preventers was because he would have been required to cut his braid to a more acceptable -- and much shorter -- length; after fighting so hard for the freedom of strangers, Duo wants to enjoy some personal liberties of his own, even if it's just deciding how long he keeps his hair.

21. Life

Duo sometimes wonders about his parents -- who they were, what might have happened to them, why they stopped being part of his life at such a young age; as much as he'd like answers to his questions, he doesn't seek them, fearing his curiosity might stir up things that are better left in the past.

22. Jealousy

Listening to Wufei speak enthusiastically about his latest Preventers mission, Duo feels a brief moment of regret about his own career choice; he isn't jealous of the police work Wufei is doing, but he wishes he had an opportunity to fly again -- it's the one thing he misses from his days as a gundam pilot.

23. Hands

Duo is amazed when he has his palm read by a fortune-teller at Trowa's circus -- he can't believe that a woman he's never met before can tell so much about him, just from looking at the lines on his hand; it isn't until he sees the hint of a smile on Trowa's face that he realizes how well he's been set up by his friend.

24. Taste

Every Sunday morning, Duo goes to his local greasy spoon for the breakfast special; the food is barely edible and the coffee tastes like dirty dishwater, but the company of the other diner regulars, all of whom know he knows by name, gives Duo a feeling of belonging that's well worth the cost to both his wallet and his stomach.

25. Devotion

Catching up with recent political events on his nightly newsfeed, Duo isn't the least bit surprised at seeing the familiar face of a young woman amongst all the elder statesmen; while he admires her dedication to keeping Earth and the colonies at peace, he hopes she doesn't forget to pursue her own happiness in the process.

The End

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