Gundam Wing Haiku

Author: Sharon
Pairing: 1x2x1 implied
Rating: PG (implied sexual relationship)
Disclaimer: The guys belong to Bandai/Sotsu/Sunrise.
Notes: Originally written for a haiku challenge on a mailing list.

Gundam Wing Haiku (Heero POV)


Work was a nightmare.
So much went horribly wrong.
You lend me your strength.


Shopping for veggies,
you pick up the zucchini.
We must hurry home.


One last hard thrust.
Finally, you scream my name.
Mission: accomplished.


Sorting the laundry,
I take another deep breath.
Your clothes smell like you.


Two days off from work.
Precious time, alone with you,
passes too quickly.


Swim trunks barely there.
Hair cascading down your back.
So proud you are mine.


Cooling summer sweat
dries on our sated bodies.
Monday comes too soon.

The End

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