Gundam SEED

This may contain some spoilers.

I liked Gundam Seed. I still like Gundam Wing better, though. I can't help comparing the two.

The Bad Points

  • Cartoonish art style. I like a certain style of art. The more realistic the art is, the more I like it. Compare Kira Yamato to Heero Yuy. There's no doubt which guy looks more realistic. It's totally a matter of taste, and yours may be completely different from mine, but I usually tend to shy away from shows with this kind of art style.
  • Annoying female characters. I know I'm going to be the oddball among Seed fans, but Flay wasn't the gal that annoyed me most. Lacus and Cagalli can fight over the honor. Lacus at least got better as the series progressed, but I couldn't stand her through much of it. Super-sweet airheaded-ness doesn't set well with me. Cagalli amused me when she did a complete switch from crushing on Kira to crushing on Athrun. Sure, she had good reason, but did it have to happen in all of five seconds? Plus, I have to admit, her voice grated on me. I can understand why Kira mistook her for a guy.
  • Psycho bad guys. I wanted to like Le Creuset. Goodness knows I love his seiyuu. But as a bad guy, I really found him hard to understand. Maybe it was all the screaming he did at the end. Where are Treize and Zechs when you need them? Seriously, I need someone to explain his motivations to me. And just what is he hiding behind the mask? I couldn't see anything weird in that split second when they showed the mask breaking. Speaking of GW parallels, Blue Cosmos is so much like White Fang.
  • Lead characters breathing out each others names. I don't think there was a stretch of more than fifteen minutes when someone didn't moan another person's name. Athrun for Kira, Kira for Flay, Flay for Kira, Cagalli for Athrun, Cagalli for Kira, etc. You could play a drinking game based on when character A says character B's name.

The Good Points

  • Older characters. There were a lot of characters that I really did like. For the guys, it was Mu La Flaga and Andrew Waltfeld. For the ladies, Murrue Ramius and Natarle Badgiruel. Every time I cried, and yes, I cried a few times, it had something to do with one of these characters. I'm sure I'll have a few people wondering how I could like Natarle so much, but I think she was a person who never stopped following the code she believed in. She was tough, but she was fair. As for Mu La Flaga and Murrue Ramius, I loved them as a couple.
  • Supporting characters. Sai, Milli, Dearka, Nicol. I really cared about what happened to them. I cried over Nicol, and I was so happy to see all the character development that Dearka got. Milli really impressed me as the best of the younger girls. And poor Sai. He was such a rock-steady guy, the kind that never wins the girl, but supports the hero all the way, even when he's taking his girlfriend.
  • Action scenes. While I felt some of the series was a bit drawn out and slow paced, the action scenes were really good. The Gundams were, typically, really nicely animated, even if they weren't exactly unique. I liked the one that looked a lot like Deathscythe. The bacows were really nice, too.
  • Character development. It's always nice to see characters evolve over a series, and they did a nice job of that in Seed. I have to admit that I did tend to like the ZAFT guys most, so I paid more attention to them. I think I could really like Dearka (although dear little Nicol was my favorite).
  • Ending song for season 1. Usually, music doesn't matter to me much in a series, but I really liked that song. When I'm doing a marathon and I still play the closing song almost every time, that says something. I was so disappointed when they changed it.
  • Good guys vs. bad guys? I think if I had to pick one reason why I liked this series, and why I like a lot of anime, it's the fact that there's no one side that's completely right, and no one side that's all at fault. I honestly thought ZAFT had a good reason to have problems with Earth's government. I didn't know who to root for. I think that's one thing that Gundam series pull off well.
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