Moments of Rapture Banners

If you'd like to link to Moments of Rapture, please use one of these banners, made by Misao-chan:


The following are links to sites that are exclusively 1x2x1, or that contain a lot of 1x2x1 content.

Japanese Language Sites:

Gundam Wing art on Pixiv Link to the general Gundam Wing tag on
Sean-nos Cyberproject Possibly the most well-known Japanese 1x2x1 art site, featuring the art of Yuuma Kamibata.

English Language Sites:

A Little Piece of Gundam Wing Dacia's Duo-centric site, featuring lots of 1x2x1 fanfiction. The best online resource for everything related to Gundam Wing. Screencaps, glossary of characters, timeline, merchandise. It's all there, and more.
AJU Interactive A Live Journal role playing game which pairs Heero with Duo.
Amy Mizuno's Little Gundam Wing Page Amy Mizuno's archive featuring 1x2x1 fanfiction and fanart.
Corpus Yaoi Home of fanfiction by Stargazerlily.
The DHML The archive of fanfiction by writers from the DHML (Yahoo group).
DSA SITE DSA's personal site featuring Gundam Wing fanfiction and fanart.
Duo and Heero for Eternity Terra's site which is in both German and English.
Endless Orbit 999 The gorgeous artwork of ASIA. (1x2 password=lemon) Clare's site has a very large section of her 1x2x1 fanfiction.
Flying Away The 1x2x1 webring.
Gundam Wing Corner Anime_Gal22's archive of yaoi and gen fanfiction and fanart.
Gundam Wing Diaries Large archive run by Debs-Dragon.
GW One of the largest Gundam Wing archives.
GW Searchable linkage database for yaoi and non-yaoi fanfiction, recommendations, fanart and Gundam Wing sites. Add your own links.
Haven: A Retreat For DuoxHeero Fans The Gaia guild for fans of 1x2x1.
Hybrid Rainbow Excellent 1x2x1 fanfiction by sistercacao.
Jaded fanfiction by Jade.
Kebzero's Notepad Fanfiction from Kebzero.
Kracken's fanfiction Art and fanfiction by one of Gundam Wing fandom's best known authors.
Laughing Jackal Artwork by Duo Radon.
Literate Lunacy Ralphiere's website featuring a lot of well written 1x2x1 fanfiction.
Prussian and Cobalt One of Gundam Wing fandom's oldest sites.
Reach for Me The Heero/Duo fanlisting.
Scathed Light A small archive of select 1x2x1 fanfiction.
Self Destruction 101 Dominique's 1x2x1 recommendations.
Shinigami & Wing jana's amazing 1x2x1 site, featuring fanfiction and more.
Silent Scribblings Daimeryan Rei's website with lots of long 1x2x1 stories.
Twisted Perspective Fanfiction by Spooks.
Visula Kei Onnagata Home of Britt's Gundam Wing fanfiction.
Under the Bridge Link Worshiper's site for fanfiction and art.

Mailing Lists

The following are links to mailing lists that are exclusively 1x2x1-centric:

1x2ML The biggest pairing-specific ML for the entire GW fandom.
1x2ML-Fic The fiction-only mirror of the 1x2ML.
1x2x1ML The 1x2x1 Mailing List. (This list is by invitation only.)
2x1domain The 2x1 Domain.
DHML The Duo x Heero Mailing List.
HDML The Heero x Duo Mailing List.

Live Journal Communities

The following are links to Live Journal communities that are exclusively 1x2x1-centric:

1_equals_2_fans Focusing on the equality of the relationship between Heero and Duo.
1x2_fans For fans of any combination of 1x2 and 2x1.
2x1_fansite Specializing in 2x1.

Doujinshi Sites

The following are links to doujinshi related sites:

Boxer and Rice Primarily a Dragonball Z shrine, this site also has one Gundam Wing doujinshi scanned and translated, with more possibly to come in the future.
Yaoi Knights Features pages and pages of beautiful 1x2x1 doujinshi images.