2002 Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2002 Moments of Rapture contest. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

View the picture (from "Dearest Love" by Poison) that inspired all of the fiction submitted to the contest.

2002 Contest Results

The Grand Prize Winner for long fiction was Sunhawk for Being There. The Second Prize Winner for long fiction was Becca Abbott for Dragonfell.

The Grand Prize Winner for short fiction was Ponderosa for Deep Green Sea. The Second Prize Winner for short fiction was Kracken for In Your Image.

2002 Contest Entries

Artemis → (email)

    Heero is attracted to a young man he meets when he comes to the United States to further his restaurant business.

BadMomma → (email)

Becca Abbott → (email)

    Lord Heero Yuy meets shinigami Duo when he becomes the new Earl of Wyrmhold.

Calic0cat → (email)

Carrie → (email)

    Morning Sky
    Duo sits by the ocean and thinks about the consequences of something he's done.

Christy and Ashkara → (email for Christy) and (email for Ashkara)

    Heero and Duo find a way to live happily together in the peace following the wars.

Circle Gynocrat → (email)

    Sand Song
    Heero and Duo try to deal with the fact that Duo is HIV positive.

cryingPhoenix → (email)

D C Logan → (email)

    Duo convinces Heero to stop the car when he sees a private beach.

DaMoyre → (email)

    Of Men and Fish (gift fic)
    Heero plans a surprise for Duo after Duo talks in his sleep.

Dev-Aki Basaa → (email)

    Heero has a premonition about something bad happening to Duo.

Imo and Blue → (email for Imo) and (email for Blue)

Itsuki → (email)

    Last Seen
    Because of an injury, Heero loses his memory of his relationship with Duo.

Izora Jade → (email)

Jan → (email)

Jeanne→ (email)

Karen, The Huntress → (email)

Kaz Misaki → (email)

    Burden of Love
    An invitation from Relena makes Heero question his life with Duo.

Keelywolfe → (email)

    Heero tries to find Duo after his partner leaves the office following a letter delivery.

Kracken → (email)

    In Your Image
    Heero's new boyfriend bears a striking resemblance to Duo.

KwyckSylver → (email)

    Duo gets a message to come to Earth from Heero, who has been missing for three years following the wars.

Lily → (email)


    No Contest (gift fic)
    Heero comes to a painful realization after Hilde, Duo's wife, dies.

Mikkeneko → (email)

    Three Days
    Heero and Duo are swept overboard during a sudden storm at sea.

Misao-chan → (email)

    Sunset Wish
    Six year old Heero and Duo meet on a beach.

Orcus → (email)

    Heero realizes how precious his relationship with Duo is.

Perin E → (email)

Ponderosa → (email)

    Deep Green Sea
    What does a person do when his best friend says he loves him?

Presser-kun → (email)

    A New Dawn
    Heero's fear causes Duo to think his love isn't returned.

Ryouko → (email)

Sailor Seraphim → (email)

    Heero keeps waking up at night to find that Duo is missing from their bed.

SkyLark → (email)

Sparcck → (email)

    One Man Guy
    Duo gets jealous when Heero starts dating someone else.

Spooks → (email)

    A balance is formed between two opposing Gods.

Stacy → (email)

    Duo has a more difficult time adjusting to civilian life than Heero.

Sunhawk → (email)

    Being There
    Duo tries to help Heero deal with his alcoholism.

T K Maxwell → (email)

    Of Wind and Waves
    Heero decides to act when he hears Duo confess his love in a dream.

Tai → (email)

    Duo thinks about the past while Heero is typing up a mission report.

Trixie → (email)

Vinyl Koneko/Emily → (email)

    Call and Answer
    Heero tries to apologize to Duo after leaving him for Relena.

Von → (email)

0083 → (email)

    Horizon (gift fic)
    Duo runs away, thinking that his love for Heero is not returned.