2x1 Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2x1 contest at Moments of Rapture. The contest was sponsored by artist P L Nunn, who illustrated the story of her choice in doujinshi format.

Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

2x1 Contest Results

P L Nunn chose Lessons, by Kebzero, as the story to illustrate in doujinshi format. The doujinshi is available for purchase at Bishonen Works.

First place for the Reader's Choice is The Manwell, for Falling Into You. Second place for the Reader's Choice is Kebzero, for Lessons.

2x1 Contest Entries

DarkShinigami → (email)

    In the Line of Duty
    Working undercover at a BDSM club, Duo is forced to try to break a captured spy.

FancyFigures → (email)

    A Lesson Learned
    Heero wakes up bound and blindfolded when Duo decides to teach him a lesson.

Kebzero → (email)

    Flight Control
    Heero and Duo are forced into sharing Wing's cockpit when Deathscythe is damaged in a battle.

    Duo offers Heero advice on his technique when Duo catches Heero masturbating in their dorm room.

Kracken → (email)

    Fire Down Below
    Heero gives into Duo's suggestion on how to warm up after a tough mission.

Link Worshiper → (email)

    Singer Heero Yuy comes face to face with "the opera house ghost."

Merula → (email)

    Every Night
    Duo tries to stop Heero from carrying out his final mission from Doctor J.

Mikkeneko → (email)

    The Steel Breeze
    Duo visits the institution Heero has been committed to, in order to get revenge for how Heero treated him in the past.

Mookie → (email)

    Running in Circles
    After losing his memory following an accident, Duo is haunted by a person he sees in a recurring dream.

Presser-kun → (email)

    Heero and Duo go to a beach to work on their relationship problems.

Sunhawk → (email)

    The Long Haul
    Duo muses on his relationship with Heero when the two go mountain climbing..

Syrupjunkie → (email)

    Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell meet as children on the streets of L2.
    Warning: deathfic.

T K Maxwell → (email)

    Pleasure Wheel
    Heero and Duo's relationship changes dramatically after a mission goes wrong.

The Manwell → (email)

The Manwell → (email)

Tsuki → (email)

    A Trip for Two
    Heero takes a trip to clear his mind, but the results aren't what he was expecting.