2003 Spring Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2003 Spring contest at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

The theme of this contest was "Heero and Duo Go on a Date."

2003 Spring Contest Results

The contest ended with a tie for the top prize. First Prize Winners were Dyna Dee for Third Time's A Charm and Sunhawk for Head Games.

The Third Prize Winner was Bad Momma for Crush: The Dangers of Dating Heero. The Fourth Prize Winner was FancyFigures for Poles Apart.

2003 Spring Contest Entries

Aaeth Payne → (email)

    Heero's Date
    Duo gives Heero a personal mission -- to arrange a date for himself and Duo.

Anne → (email)

    Tactical Manoeuvres
    Quatre and Trowa take care of Heero and Duo's son so Heero and Duo can have some private time together.

Artemis → (email)

    Quatre intervenes when he discovers that Heero and Duo's relationship is purely sexual.

    Archivist's note: In addition to this story, there is also a sequel, Restrained.

BadMomma → (email)

Betsy → (email)

Calic0cat → (email)

Charlie East → (email)

D C Logan → (email)

    Trading Fortunes
    Heero and Duo share fortune cookies when they get bored during a stakeout.

Dyna Dee → (email)

    Third Time's a Charm
    Heero turns up at Preventers five years after he and Duo have broken off their relationship.

FancyFigures → (email)

    Poles Apart
    The movie Duo invites Heero out to see isn't what Duo was expecting it to be.

Imo-chan → (email)

    More Than What We Are
    One of Heero and Duo's co-workers mistakes their close relationship for something more.

Izora Jade → (email)

    The Dock
    Quatre and Trowa set their best friends up on a blind date.

jana → (email)

    Here and Otherwise
    Duo asks Heero to move out of his place when Duo's attraction to Heero gets too unbearable.

Karen, The Huntress → (email)

Kaz Misaki → (email)

    Heero wakes from a dream in which he gets married -- to Duo.

Kiddy → (email)

    Time For You
    Duo backs Heero into accepting a date when the two are hanging out in a park.

Kohaku → (email)

Kracken → (email)

    Even in War
    Duo turns to Quatre for help in getting close to Heero.

Lily → (email)

    Duo visits Heero to ask him on a date, with the condition that Duo gets to make all the decisions for the next 24 hours.

Link Worshiper → (email)

    By the Way
    Relena interrupts Heero's dinner date with Duo.

Presser-kun → (email)

Rum → (email)

    Dream a Dream
    Duo is approached at a dance club by a man who says he's dreamed of Duo.

Sailor Seraphim → (email)

    First Date
    Heero tells his roommate about his hot date with Duo.

Silver Shinigami → (email)

    Escape Date
    Duo talks Heero into breaking out of the hospital in which they're recovering after a mission.

SkyLark → (email)

    Heero agrees to be Duo's date at Lady Une's party.

Sunhawk → (email)

    Head Games
    Thanks to insinuations from Quatre, Duo believes Heero's invitation to help him with his car is actually a date.

T K Maxwell → (email)

Usagi-chan and Helen → (email for Usagi-chan) and (email for Helen)

Veste Notus → (email)