2003 Fall Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2003 Fall contest at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

View the picture (from "12th Night" by Faid) that inspired all of the fiction submitted to the contest.

2003 Fall Contest Results

First place for long story is SkyLark, for Circle Yes or No. Second place for long story is Mookie for Epiphany.

First place for short story is Kracken for By the Water Cooler. Second place for short story is Itsuki for Blue Dragonfly.

2003 Fall Contest Entries

Anna-chan → (email)

    Movie Night At Quatre's
    Duo hopes Heero will kiss him when all the pilots get together at Quatre's house to watch movies.

Anne → (email)

    Heero worries over the impending birth of his and Duo's son.

Arithion/Arithkenshin → (email)

    Eternally Yours
    Heero makes Duo a promise that he'll always come back to Duo.
    Warning: deathfic.

Artemis → (email)

    One Love
    Heero falls in love with his friend's boyfriend.

BadMomma → (email)

    Too Much
    Heero struggles to control his moodiness after Duo moves in with him.

Calic0cat → (email)

    Anytime (gift fic)
    Relena calls Duo after she does something that accidentally makes Heero freak out.

    Heero and Duo face problems with the other agents when they are asked to join Preventers.

Chibi → (email)

    Duo reminisces as he watches the rain from his window.
    Warning: deathfic.

Chibi Hentai-chan → (email)

Dyna Dee → (email)

FancyFigures → (email)

    The Other Side
    Duo can't understand why Heero is so angry with him after a mission fails.

Granate → (email)

Grevola → (email)

Heartfelt → (email)

    Falling Diamonds
    An old injury reminds Duo of the day Duo and Heero confessed their love to each other.

Helen → (email)

    Raw Emotions
    Heero wants to see Duo after he wakes up in the hospital following his defeat of Mariemaia's army.

Itsuki → (email)

    Blue Dragonfly
    Heero treats Duo to a drink after making Duo miss his shuttle.

Kebzero → (email)

    Heero looks at an album belonging to Duo that contains very personal pictures and information.

Kracken → (email)

    By the Water Cooler
    Heero and Duo's co-workers discuss their possible relationship with each other.

La Fuego → (email)

    Remember Me
    Heero feels his life is missing something until a stranger with no memory shows up at his apartment.

Lady Briony → (email)

    Duo thinks back to his early days of knowing Heero.

Little Princess → (email)

Marauder → (email)

Merith → (email)

Mookie → (email)

    Heero is surprised when his college roommate doesn't turn out to be the person he expected.

Nessa-chan → (email)

    Heero worries because Duo goes silent whenever it rains.

Ponderosa → (email)

    Softly Stirring
    Taking chances proves to be the right choice.

    Stop Dead (gift fic)
    Heero is unsure if what he feels for Duo is love.

Rapunzel → (email)

    Cold Feet
    Duo finally decides to tell Heero how he feels about him.

Raven → (email)

    Heero is attracted to the guitar player he meets in the Underground.

Sailor Seraphim → (email)

    Meant for Me
    Duo has a hard time accepting reality.
    Warning: deathfic.

SkyLark → (email)

    Circle Yes or No
    Heero helps Duo recover when Duo is injured during a Preventers mission.

Sorceress Fantasia → (email)

    Heero and Duo have a serious discussion after Duo visits a church.

Sunhawk → (email)

    Duo sacrifices his own happiness to keep Heero in the right state of mind to save the Earth.

Syrupjunkie → (email)

    Heero remarks that Duo's kiss tastes like vanilla.

Tahlia Lerray → (email)

Tai → (email)

    Y Thie
    Heero and Duo buy their first house together.

Veste Notus → (email)