2006 Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2006 contest at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

This contest has both a category for stories where Heero and Duo are the main pairing, as well as a category for stories where another pairing is the main pairing. Heero and Duo are an established pairing in those stories.

The theme of this contest was "Mission: Get Together."

2006 Contest Results

First place for long Heero/Duo story is D C Logan, for The Babe Magnet. Second place for long Heero/Duo story is Fahrenheit 451 for Thin White Line.

First place for Heero/Duo short story is Sunhawk for On the Outside. Second place for Heero/Duo short story is a tie between Merula for Return to Duty, and FancyFigures for I-Spy.

First place for Non-Heero/Duo story is D C Logan for Against Better Judgment.

2006 Contest, Heero/Duo Entries

Akuma → (email)

    A Quiet Mission
    Heero and Duo go on a mission to recover Hilde's stolen bra.

Artemis → (email)

    Rocket Man
    Howard engages in a bit of matchmaking.

BadMomma → (email)

Christine → (email)

    Ten Years After
    Heero is sent on an intelligence mission to the mysterious L5 area of space.

D C Logan → (email)

    The Babe Magnet
    Heero's life takes a turn for the better when he finds a stray dog.

Daimeryan Rei → (email)

    Petals of Stone
    Duo achieves his life-long dream of attending the Alliance Mobile Suit Academy.

Fahrenheit 451 → (email)

    Thin White Line
    Duo rescues Heero after Heero blows up his Gundam in defiance of OZ.

FancyFigures → (email)

    Heero and Duo play a game as they wait to be discovered when they are buried beneath a building.

    How the Other Half Lives
    Heero and Duo are strangers who learn a lot about each other through apartment-sitting.

Kebzero → (email)

Kracken → (email)

    Heero makes a promise when he is captured by terrorists.

Lacroix → (email)

    Heero and Duo both know that each other's voices hide their true personality.

Laura-chan → (email)

Lily → (email)

Link Worshiper → (email)

Merula → (email)

    Return to Duty
    Heero is reluctant to return to Preventers after an injury.

Ochiba → (email)

OneWingedShinigami → (email)

Ponderosa → (email)

    Buried in Dust
    Lady Une assigns Heero the mission of accompanying a coffin off-planet.

ShenLong → (email)

SkyLark → (email)

    Of Mice and Men
    Heero has a hard time dealing with the fact that he was forced to kill someone with his bare hands during a mission.

Space Heart Angel → (email)

Sunhawk → (email)

    On the Outside
    Duo has a difficult time adjusting after a long-term undercover mission.

t-shirt → (email)

    Nakodo Shimei
    Duo enlists Heero's aid in making romantic matches for their friends.

WickedGame → (email)

    The Burden of Knowledge
    Heero has a dream that Duo will die, and only Heero can save him.

    Heero makes a confession to Duo when he thinks Duo is asleep.

2006 Contest, Non-Heero/Duo Entries

Anne → (email)

    Lean on Me
    Duo, Quatre and Wufei go looking for Heero and Trowa, who are presumed dead after a failed mission.
    Pairings: 3+4, 1x2, 5xRelena.

D C Logan → (email)

    Against Better Judgment
    Zechs returns from Mars and finds himself partnered at Preventers with Wufei.
    Pairings: 6x5, 6+OMC, 1x2, mention of 3x4, past 6+9, 13+11.

Honor A De'Mandoren → (email)

    Magic, Mischief, and Miracles
    Quatre is pulled into a parallel world where magic, sorcery and dragons exist.
    Pairings: 3x4, 1x2 already established.

Lil_1337 → (email)

    Lost Boys
    Preventers Heero and Duo are sent to find fellow agents Trowa and Quatre, who have gone missing during a storm.
    Pairings: 3+4, 1x2, 5xRelena (implied).

Misanagi → (email)

Raz → (email)

    Better Together
    Trowa joins Preventers and hopes for a second chance at a relationship with Wufei.
    Pairings: 3x5, 1x2, 4xDorothy (implied).