2007 Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2007 contest at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

This contest has both a category for stories where Heero and Duo are the main pairing, as well as a category for stories where another pairing is the main pairing. Heero and Duo are not paired with other people in those stories.

The theme of this contest was "The Seven Deadly Sins."

2007 Contest Results

First place for long Heero/Duo story is a tie between SkyLark for Beloved and Zazu for Iia Disera. Second place for long Heero/Duo story is Daimeryan Rei for Legends of the Five.

First place for Heero/Duo short story is Merula for Ghost Story. Second place for Heero/Duo short story is Christine for But for the Grace...

There weren't enough Non-Heero/Duo entries submitted to run a contest in that category, so both D C Logan and Lil_1337 were awarded prizes for participating.

2007 Contest, Heero/Duo Entries

Artemis → (email)

Box (of Hate Brains) → (email)

    Looking Out
    Heero loses his chance with Duo because of his inability to act.

Christine → (email)

Corazon del Fuego → (email)

Daimeryan Rei → (email)

    Legends of the Five
    Heero goes on an epic quest to defeat the usurper Treize Kushrenada and return control of Romefeller to its rightful ruler.

FancyFigures → (email)

    Heaven Sent
    Heero and Duo receive some otherworldly help with their relationship.

Gypsie → (email)

    In the Light
    Heero meets someone who changes his mind when he seeks revenge for Duo being hurt.

Kaeru Shisho → (email)

    Band of Steel
    Heero and his bandmates meet a sexy singer named Shinigami.

Kebzero → (email)

    The Long Way Around
    Duo tries to turn his life around after Heero visits him years after the war.

Kohaku → (email)

    Lucky #8
    For Heero, Duo is the eighth deadly sin.

Kracken → (email)

    Heero uses Duo's addiction to blueberries to get closer to Duo.

lampshaded → (email)

    Every Night
    Heero wants Duo to turn to him instead of strangers every night.

Lil_1337 → (email)

    Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    When Hilde is hurt on a Preventers mission, Duo goes after the man he thinks is responsible.

Link Worshiper → (email)

Makishef → (email)

    Duo inadvertently lets Heero know his feelings after Duo saves Heero during a mission.

Merith → (email)

Merula → (email)

    Ghost Story
    Duo meets a handsome stranger when he moves into a city that was the site of an earthquake.

Misao-chan → (email)

    Bored businessman Duo Maxwell meets a sexy stranger when he's gifted with tickets to a club.

Night-Blaze → (email)

    Lazy Days
    Heero and Duo both have hopes that they keep from each other.

Raz → (email)

    Duo is uncomfortable when he sees his ex-boyfriend Heero at his gym.

SkyLark → (email)

    Heero discovers that Duo has adopted a young girl when he comes back into Duo's life several years after the war.

Steamboat → (email)

    Green with It
    Duo tries to figure out why his and Heero's work relationship isn't going well.

Tsuki → (email)

    Simple Fantastic
    Heero finds himself inexplicably jealous of another guy butting in between his and Duo's friendship.

Zazu → (email)

    Iia Disera
    Heero awakens after his spaceship explodes to find himself rescued by aliens.

    Archivist's note: In addition to this story, there are also several side fics: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

2007 Contest, Non-Heero/Duo Entries

D C Logan → (email)

    Quatre and Relena conspire to set up Wufei and Zechs at Relena's Christmas party.
    Pairing: 6x5

Lil_1337 → (email)