2012 Contest

This is the archive of all of the stories that were submitted for the 2012 contest at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed with any and all warnings that the authors supplied.

This contest has both a category for stories where Heero and Duo are the main pairing, as well as a category for stories where another pairing is the main pairing. Heero and Duo are not paired with other people in those stories.

The theme of this contest was "Today, Tomorrow and Always."

2012 Contest Results

First place for long Heero/Duo story is Hostile Crayon for Drawing Lines. Second place for long Heero/Duo story is SkyLark for The Long Way Around.

First place for Heero/Duo short story is sistercacao for Armistice. Second place for Heero/Duo short story is Petenshi for Holding True.

First place for non-Heero/Duo story is Waterlilylf for Christmas Camouflaged.

2012 Contest, Heero/Duo Entries

Artemis → (email)

    Duo's unrequited feelings for Heero are reignited at a conference organized by Relena.

blackjackcat → (email)

    One More Time
    Heero has a feeling of dread every time he descends a particular set of stairs.

Bloody_winged → (email)

    Waiting for the Night
    Vampire Heero develops an obsession for teenager Duo, but doesn't want to turn him until Duo is older.

Daimeryan Rei → (email)

    A Window to An Other World
    Lawyer Heero falls for spirit hunter Duo Maxwell when Heero becomes part of a supernatural investigation.

Hostile Crayon → (email)

    Drawing Lines
    Two years after a bad break up, Heero and Duo are set up for a mission together by Une and Noin.

Jei → (email)

    Rhythm Emotion
    Duo discovers what's missing from his dancing after meeting a handsome programmer.

Kaeru Shisho → (email)

    Recycled Valentine
    A nervous Heero Yuy attempts to make a Valentine's Day date with his handsome recyclables collector.

Kidishcaresh → (email)

    Finding Him
    Heero searches for Duo after Duo leaves following a fight.

    The gundam pilots share a secret about their lives before the wars.

Kuroiyousei → (email)

leejeeg → (email)

LovelyRose5001 → (email)

    Coming Home
    Heero goes missing on a mission right before his anniversary with Duo.

Nekocin → (email)

    Pieces of Time
    Older Duo and Heero meet in a park on their anniversary.

Petenshi → (email)

    Holding True
    Duo phones Heero for help after Duo's been shot.

Presser-kun → (email)

    Need to Know
    Duo plans a surprise for his tenth anniversary with Heero, but Heero has a surprise of his own for Duo.

sistercacao → (email)

    Heero and Duo discuss the feelings they had during the war while celebrating five years of peace.

SkyLark → (email)

    The Long Way Around
    Heero returns after a long absence to discover that Duo has been seriously ill.

Snowdragonct → (email)

StandingOnTheRooftops → (email)

Stargazerlily → (email)

    Voyaganta Masino
    Heero loses Duo in his own world only to find him again in an alternate universe.

Ultramarine → (email)

    Duo thinks about the changes he'd like to make in his relationship with Heero one year after they graduate from college.

Vega-Lume → (email)

    I Won't Give Up
    Heero is missing and presumed dead during a Preventers mission, but Duo refuses to believe it.

xkuramaxhieix → (email)

    If You Love Me
    Duo makes the difficult decision to leave Heero in order to keep from constantly hurting him.

    Love Isn't Easy
    Duo misses Heero after the two of them fight about Heero being a Preventer.

Yanagi → (email)

    An anniversary celebration includes more than one type of fireworks for Heero and Duo.

2012 Contest, Non-Heero/Duo Entries

Animechan123 → (email)

    May Day
    Servant Duo helps Prince Quatre met secretly with his lover while King Trowa is away.
    Pairings: 3x4, 6x4, 1x2 mention of 6xN and 5x2

Lil_1337 → (email)

Silver Trails → (email)

    Treize thinks about the future while remembering the first day he kissed Zechs.
    Pairings: 13x6, hints of future 5x6

Waterlilylf → (email)

    Christmas Camouflaged
    Quatre waits for Trowa to return from a mission on Christmas Eve.
    Pairings: 3x4, mention of 1x2 and 6x5