Fiction Index by Author

This is a master index, sorted by author name, of all the fiction archived at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed in alphabetical order by author name, then story title.

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Authors A through E


Aaeth Payne → Heero's Date (2003 Spring Contest)
Agent Hitokiri → Forging Destiny (Gift Fiction)
Aiko Namika → Going for the Obvious (Gift Fiction)
Aiko Namika → Know (Gift Fiction)
Aiko Namika → Spatial Sensations (Romance Fiction)
Ais → Reflection (Romance Fiction)
Aiyen → Writing on the Wall (Romance Fiction)
Aiyen → 5 Sentence Fiction about Heero Yuy (Romance Fiction)
Akuma → A Quiet Mission (2006 Contest)
Aleilisth → Sunshine and Hazy Days (Romance Fiction)
Amaranth → Private Lessons (Lemon Fiction)
Animechan123 → May Day (2012 Contest)
Animechan123 and StandingOnTheRooftops → Operation: Onna (2010 Contest)
Anna-chan → Movie Night At Quatre's (2003 Fall Contest)
Anne → Distant Sun (2010 Contest)
Anne → Expectations (2003 Fall Contest)
Anne → Lean on Me (2006 Contest)
Anne → Tactical Manoeuvres (2003 Spring Contest)
Arithion/Arithkenshin → Eternally Yours (2003 Fall Contest)
Arithion/Arithkenshin → Ice-Cream (Gift Fiction)
Arithion/Arithkenshin → Like Water (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Across the Universe (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Atomic (2002 Contest)
Artemis → Boyfriend Series 1: A Boyfriend for Daddy (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Boyfriend Series 2: All I Want for Christmas (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Boyfriend Series 3: On Christmas Morning (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Chasing Tail (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Christmas Shared (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Declaration (2012 Contest)
Artemis → Down the Road (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → The Eve (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Hush, Sweet Darling (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Lights Out (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Little Red Corvette (2007 Contest)
Artemis → One Love (2003 Fall Contest)
Artemis → Out of the Rain (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Restrained (Lemon Fiction)
Artemis → Restricted Airspace (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Robot Lover (2010 Contest)
Artemis → Rocket Man (2006 Contest)
Artemis → A Sweet and Wild Heart (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Under Wraps (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Unfettered (2003 Spring Contest)
Artemis → The Variable (Romance Fiction)
Aryam McAllyster → Scandal (2010 Contest)
Ashen Skies → Unexpected Alliances ( Novellas)
Ashura → How It's Not Supposed to Be (Romance Fiction)
Ashura → Kiss Me Again (Romance Fiction)
Ashura → Phone Tag (Romance Fiction)
Ashura → Stationery (Romance Fiction)
Assassin → Trust Among Other Things ( Novellas)


BadMomma → Alternate Changes (Romance Fiction)
BadMomma → And the Wind, It Whispers (2002 Contest)
BadMomma → Are You Feeling Happy? (2006 Contest)
BadMomma → Changes (Romance Fiction)
BadMomma → Crush: The Dangers of Dating Heero (2003 Spring Contest)
BadMomma → The Finer Points of Giving (Romance Fiction)
BadMomma → Lemniscates (Romance Fiction)
BadMomma → Too Much (2003 Fall Contest)
Becca Abbott → Cross My Heart (2001 Contest)
Becca Abbott → Disinhibiting Heero (Lemon Fiction)
Becca Abbott → Dragonfell (2002 Contest)
Becca Abbott → Raw (Lemon Fiction)
Becky Marie → Relena (Gift Fiction)
Betsy → At the Carnival (2003 Spring Contest)
Bianca → Come to Be (Romance Fiction)
Bianca → Someday (Romance Fiction)
blackjackcat → One More Time (2012 Contest)
Bloody_winged → Balance (2010 Contest)
Bloody_winged → A Guardian's Decision (Gift Fiction)
Bloody_winged → There Are Kisses and There Are Kisses (2012 Contest)
Bloody_winged → Waiting for the Night (2012 Contest)
Blue Lightning → Ishin-Denshin (Romance Fiction)
Blue Soaring → Falling Sideways (Romance Fiction)
Blue Soaring → Fervor (Lemon Fiction)
Blue Soaring → Play My Game (Lemon Fiction)
Box (of Hate Brains) → Looking Out (2007 Contest)
Britts → Dancing and Voyeurism (Romance Fiction)


CalicOcat → All He Needed to Know (Romance Fiction)
CalicOcat → Always Best Friends (2002 Contest)
Calic0cat → Anytime (2003 Fall Contest)
Calic0cat → Breaking Rule Number One (2003 Spring Contest)
Calic0cat → Chances (Romance Fiction)
Calic0cat → Coming Home (Romance Fiction)
Calic0cat → Home (Lemon Fiction)
Calic0cat → Knowing (2003 Fall Contest)
Caroline → The Equipment Room (Lemon Fiction)
Caroline → The Headmaster's Office (Lemon Fiction)
Caroline → Here with Me (2001 Contest)
Caroline → Trinity arc 1: Final Admonition (Lemon Fiction)
Caroline → Trinity arc 2: Absolution (Lemon Fiction)
Caroline → Trinity arc 3: Act of Contrition (Lemon Fiction)
Carrie → Morning Sky (2002 Contest)
Charle East → Two Different Worlds (2003 Spring Contest)
Chauni → In the Back of the Closet (2001 Contest)
Chibi → Hello (2003 Fall Contest)
Chibi Hentai-chan → Second Shelf to the Right (and Straight on 'Till Morning) (2003 Fall Contest)
chibiANGEL → Curiosity (Romance Fiction)
chibiANGEL → Dancing (Romance Fiction)
chibiANGEL → Provocation (Romance Fiction)
Chiya → Becoming ( Novellas)
Christine → But for the Grace... (2007 Contest)
Christine → Sorcery & Magic ( Novellas)
Christine → Ten Years After (2006 Contest)
Christy and Ashkara → Homecoming (2002 Contest)
Circle Gynocrat → Sand Song
ClarySage → Another Time Undone (Romance Fiction)
ClarySage → Lollipop (Lemon Fiction)
ClarySage → Love Letters (Romance Fiction)
ClarySage → Popcorn (Lemon Fiction)
Cobalt 27 → Snowed In (Gift Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → Another Strawberry? (Gift Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → How He Loves (Romance Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → The Impact (Lemon Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → More Than All We've Ever Had (2007 Contest)
Corazon del Fuego → Nothing Out of the Ordinary (Lemon Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → Out of Control (Gift Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → Ordinary World (Romance Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → The Sun Keeps Rising (Romance Fiction)
Corazon del Fuego → untitled story (Romance Fiction)
cryingPhoenix → Children of the Sea (2002 Contest)


D C Logan → Against Better Judgment (2006 Contest)
D C Logan → The Babe Magnet (2006 Contest)
D C Logan → Braille of My Soul (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Daydreams (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → The Game (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Glass Angels (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Heero's Sock Drawer (Lemon Fiction)
D C Logan → The Little Things (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Map of My World (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Mistletoe (Romance Fiction)
D C Logan → Pride (2007 Contest)
D C Logan → Trading Fortunes (2003 Spring Contest)
D C Logan → Two Words (2001 Contest)
D C Logan → Waves (2002 Contest)
Dacia → Everything (2001 Contest)
Daimeryan Rei → Duo Maxwell and the Never-Ending Circle ( Novellas)
Daimeryan Rei → Duo Maxwell and the Sword of the Khan (2010 Contest)
Daimeryan Rei → In This Silence I Believe (Gift Fiction)
Daimeryan Rei → Legends of the Five (2007 Contest)
Daimeryan Rei → Opposites Attract (Gift Fiction)
Daimeryan Rei → The Personal Touch (Gift Fiction)
Daimeryan Rei → Petals of Stone (2006 Contest)
Daimeryan Rei → Simply a Handful (Gift Fiction)
Daimeryan Rei → Special Delivery (Gift Fiction)
Daimeryan Rei → Storm Clouds Over Europe ( Novellas)
Daimeryan Rei → Trails of Wonderland ( Novellas)
Daimeryan Rei → Two Sides of the Same Story ( Novellas)
Daimeryan Rei → A Window to An Other World (2012 Contest)
Damoyre → Of Men and Fish (2002 Contest)
Dark Hilde/Trio Maxwell → Take My Life (2001 Contest)
DarkShinigami → Cockpit Love (Lemon Fiction)
DarkShinigami → In the Line of Duty (2x1 Contest)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Black Box (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → A Diner Story (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → Duo, Interrupted (Lemon Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → Forever (2002 Contest)
Dev-Aki Basaa → Like a Patch on Your Sleeve (2001 Contest)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Matchmaker (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Secret (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Tease (Gift Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → Tie (Gift Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Tragedy (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → A Valentine's Gift (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → Welcome Home (Lemon Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → World Traveling (Romance Fiction)
Dev-Aki Basaa → The Worst Assignment (Lemon Fiction)
Dime's Wish → Letting Go (2010 Contest)
Dragongirl85 → Give Me Wings ( Novellas)
Dyna Dee → The Season is the Reason (2003 Fall Contest)
Dyna Dee → Third Time's a Charm (2003 Spring Contest)


Elaby → Alleviating Boredom (Romance Fiction)
Ellie Biel → Moonlight and Ramen (Romance Fiction)
Ellie Biel → Stages of Love (Romance Fiction)
Ellie Biel → Two Hundred Sixty Miles (Romance Fiction)
Ellyr → Forever (2001 Contest)
Elyndys → Dancing with Your Shadow (Lemon Fiction)
Elyndys → Detention (Lemon Fiction)
Elyndys → Kiss (Romance Fiction)
Elyndys → Late Train (Lemon Fiction)
Elyndys → Rings (Romance Fiction)

Authors F through L


Fahrenheit 451 → Thin White Line (2006 Contest)
FancyFigures → Best Wishes (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Close Proximity ( Novellas)
FancyFigures → Closet Exhibitionist (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Confrontation (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → Cookies (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → Dating (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Deep Cover (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → End of the Line (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → Flavour No. 7 (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → Happy Anniversary, Duo-Style (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Heaven Sent (2007 Contest)
FancyFigures → His Stop (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → How the Other Half Lives (2006 Contest)
FancyFigures → How to Impress a Man (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → I-Spy (2006 Contest)
FancyFigures → IKEBANA for Beginners (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → It Says... (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Laugh or Cry? (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → A Lesson Learned (2x1 Contest)
FancyFigures → On My List (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → The Other Side (2003 Fall Contest)
FancyFigures → Poles Apart (2003 Spring Contest)
FancyFigures → Quickie (Lemon Fiction)
FancyFigures → The Right Recipe (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → Special Feature (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → Starting Out (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Sugar, Sugar (Gift Fiction)
FancyFigures → Time Slip (2010 Contest)
FancyFigures → Valentine (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → Wee Small Hours (Romance Fiction)
FancyFigures → Worth Waiting For ( Novellas)
FancyFigures and Link Worshiper → Flagged: URGENT (Gift Fiction)
Felix → Illusions of Control (2001 Contest)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Black Tie Affair (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Boundaries of Dream (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Burning on My Lips (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: The Golden Boy (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Green (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Heart of Glass (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Hanging by a Moment (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Run with Scissors (Romance Fiction)
Flamika → Domestic Bliss arc: Something about Heero (Romance Fiction)


Gloria B → I'd Rather Fight With You ( Novellas)
Granate → Breakfast for Four (Romance Fiction)
Granate → Forge (Romance Fiction)
Granate → Four Days (Romance Fiction)
Granate → If It Takes All Summer (2003 Fall Contest)
Granate → Melts in Your Mouth, Not on Your... (Gift Fiction)
Granate → A Mind of Its Own (Lemon Fiction)
Granate → Sick Day (Romance Fiction)
Granate → This Far (Romance Fiction)
Grevola → Shanghaied (2010 Contest)
Grevola → Snap Shot of a Romance (2003 Fall Contest)
Gypsie → Find My Peace in You (Romance Fiction)
Gypsie → In the Light (2007 Contest)


Heartfelt → Falling Diamonds (2003 Fall Contest)
Heartfelt → A Little Death (Lemon Fiction)
Helen → Rain (Gift Fiction)
Helen → Raw Emotions (2003 Fall Contest)
Hellfire_angel → Oblivious to the Obvious (Gift Fiction)
Hellfire_angel → Way We Are (Gift Fiction)
hllygrl233 →Undercover at the Wolf's Den (2010 Contest)
Honor A De'Mandoren → Magic, Mischief, and Miracles (2006 Contest)
Hostile Crayon → Chaotic Control (Romance Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Drawing Lines (2012 Contest)
Hostile Crayon → I Don't Mind (A.K.A. Duo Does His Taxes) (Romance Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Ripples (Romance Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Shacks and Brown Grass (Gift Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → A Solitary Triangle (Romance Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Steamy Campgrounds (Lemon Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Straight to DVD (Romance Fiction)
Hostile Crayon → Waiting for This (Romance Fiction)


Imo and Blue → A Time for Kindness (2002 Contest)
Imo-chan → More Than What We Are (2003 Spring Contest)
Impish Inkling → Chasing Wings (2010 Contest)
Infectedlife → The Boy Next Door ( Novellas)
Iniquity → Dancing with Fire (Gift Fiction)
ishkhanuhi →Gundam Wing Drabbles (Romance Fiction)
Itsuki → At the Limits of the Ocean (2001 Contest)
Itsuki → Blue Dragonfly (2003 Fall Contest)
Itsuki → Come Away with Me (Romance Fiction)
Itsuki → Last Seen (2002 Contest)
Itsuki → When Love Becomes Like Breathing (Romance Fiction)
IvvyMoon → Can't (2010 Contest)
ivvymoon → Moments Like This (Lemon Fiction)
Izora Jade → The Butterflies Are Passive (2002 Contest)
Izora Jade → The Dock (2003 Spring Contest)


Jade → Black Dog (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → Capture (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → High Score (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → Kiss and Control (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → Location, Location, Location (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → Special Delivery (Lemon Fiction)
Jade → Tight Security (Lemon Fiction)
Jan → Defining Moment (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Ficlets in 100+ Words 1: Morning (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Ficlets in 100+ Words 2: Heat (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Ficlets in 100+ Words 3: Cause and Effect (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Ficlets in 100+ Words 4: Stuff (Romance Fiction)
Jan → First Kiss (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Hair (Lemon Fiction)
Jan → No Hurry (Lemon Fiction)
Jan → Nowhere to be Found (Romance Fiction)
Jan → Sunset - A Ficlet in 200 Words (2002 Contest)
jana → A Basis for Dreaming 1: Awake (Lemon Fiction)
jana → A Basis for Dreaming 2: Coffee And (Lemon Fiction)
jana → A Basis for Dreaming 3: Boys Night Out (Lemon Fiction)
jana → Familiar (Lemon Fiction)
jana → Here and Otherwise (2003 Spring Contest)
jana → Mercury Rising (Lemon Fiction)
jana → One Stone, Two Birds (Romance Fiction)
jana → Over the River and Through the Woods (Lemon Fiction)
Jay → Heero Yuy v. 2.0 (Romance Fiction)
Jay → Love Comes Tumbling (Romance Fiction)
Jeanne → Forget Something? (2002 Contest)
Jeanne/SailorAquaStar → The Highest Form of Education (2001 Contest)
Jei → Additive Identity ( Novellas)
Jei → Anatomy of a Kiss (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Axiomatic ( Novellas)
Jei → The Best Laid Plans ( Novellas)
Jei → Cake (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Christmas Present (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Dear Heero (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Late Night After (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Optimized (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Rhythm Emotion (2012 Contest)
Jei → A Slip of the Tongue (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Slow and Steady (Romance Fiction)
Jei → Touch the World ( Novellas)
Jei → Where the Heart Is (Romance Fiction)
Jenn → Room Service (Lemon Fiction)
Jenn Abiding → Better Late (Romance Fiction)
Jenn Abiding → Exactly Like That (Romance Fiction)
Jenn Abiding → Maybe Only You (Gift Fiction)
Jenn Abiding → Things You Know in the Light of Day (Romance Fiction)
Jrockerbutterbean → Darkness Eyes (Gift Fiction)
Jrockerbutterbean → You (Gift Fiction)
Jupiter Strahan → Dependence (Romance Fiction)
Jupiter Strahan → In My Way (Gift Fiction)
Justkat → Overboard ( Novellas)


Kaeru Shisho → Band of Steel (2007 Contest)
Kaeru Shisho → Recycled Valentine (2012 Contest)
Kaitsurinu → How To Be Dead ( Novellas)
Kanzenhanzai → Steps or Snapshots (Gift Fiction)
Karen, The Huntress → Dancing with Desire (Gift Fiction)
Karen, The Huntress → Declaration (2001 Contest)
Karen, The Huntress → Smooth Jazz at Midnight (2003 Spring Contest)
Karen, The Huntress → Tide of Farewell (2002 Contest)
Karen Hickman → Biding Time (2010 Contest)
Karma → Juvenile Changes ( Novellas)
Kaylie → The Taste of Caramel (2001 Contest)
Kaz Misaki → Burden of Love (2002 Contest)
Kaz Misaki → Gravity (2003 Spring Contest)
Kebzero → Down to Earth (Gift Fiction)
Kebzero → Flight Control (2x1 Contest)
Kebzero → The Good Pain (Gift Fiction)
Kebzero → Lessons (2x1 Contest)
Kebzero → The Long Way Around (2007 Contest)
Kebzero → Rainbow (2003 Fall Contest)
Kebzero → Scouting Jinglebells (2006 Contest)
Kebzero → Shivers (Lemon Fiction)
Kebzero → Special Blends (Romance Fiction)
Kebzero → On Track and Off Again ( Novellas)
Kebzero → When He Sleeps (Romance Fiction)
Keelywolfe → Cuts Deeper Than... (2001 Contest)
Keelywolfe → The Games We Play (Romance Fiction)
Keelywolfe → Insomnia (Romance Fiction)
Keelywolfe → Saltwater (2002 Contest)
Kian → Scotophilia ( Novellas)
Kidishcaresh → Blackout (2010 Contest)
Kidishcaresh → Captivating (Gift Fiction)
Kidishcaresh → Finding Him (2012 Contest)
Kidishcaresh → Hot Stones (Gift Fiction)
Kidishcaresh → Immortal (2012 Contest)
Kiddy → Time For You (2003 Spring Contest)
Kitsune → I Drove All Night (Romance Fiction)
Kitsune → Snow (Romance Fiction)
Kittywolf → Never Let Go (Romance Fiction)
KM → Comfortable (Romance Fiction)
KM → Sex with the Bartender (Lemon Fiction)
KM → Wake-Up Call (Romance Fiction)
KM → Wing Zerotica (Lemon Fiction)
Kohaku → An Accident Waiting to Happen (2003 Spring Contest)
Kohaku → Lucky #8 (2007 Contest)
Koyasu no Miko → The Dancing Lemon (Lemon Fiction)
Kracken → Bivouac (2010 Contest)
Kracken → Blueberries (2007 Contest)
Kracken → By the Water Cooler (2003 Fall Contest)
Kracken → Even in War (2003 Spring Contest)
Kracken → Fire Down Below (2x1 Contest)
Kracken → Gun Play (Lemon Fiction)
Kracken → Gundam Wing Drabbles (Romance Fiction)
Kracken → In Your Image (2002 Contest)
Kracken → Last Dance (2010 Contest)
Kracken → Smells Good (Lemon Fiction)
Kracken → Static (2006 Contest)
Kracken → Stone Man (Lemon Fiction)
Kracken → Thirty Second Gundam Wing (Romance Fiction)
Kuroiyousei → The Eyes in the Mirror (Romance Fiction)
Kuroiyousei → I Am the Mask You Wear (2010 Contest)
Kuroiyousei → One Year, Two Minutes (2012 Contest)
KwyckSylver → Phoenix (2002 Contest)
KwyckSylver → The World, the Flesh and Duo Maxwell (Romance Fiction)


La Fuego → Remember Me (2003 Fall Contest)
Lacroix → Voices (2006 Contest)
Lady Bast → A Very Good Day for Vanilla (Romance Fiction)
Lady Briony → Echoes (2003 Fall Contest)
Lady DarkAngel → Weak in the Knees (2001 Contest)
Laisia Laurant → Bibishii (Romance Fiction)
Lamia → All My Friends (Romance Fiction)
Lamia → All Things Unknown and Thusly Terrifying (Romance Fiction)
lampshaded → Every Night (2007 Contest)
Laura-Chan → From First Sight Further (2006 Contest)
leejeeg → What J Tried to Put Right (2012 Contest)
Lil_1337 → Dock of the Bay (Gift Fiction)
Lil_1337 → The Earth Moved (2010 Contest)
Lil_1337 → A Fixed Point in Time and Space (2012 Contest)
Lil_1337 → In the Round (Gift Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Indiana Barton and The Raiders of The Lost Crusade of Doom (2007 Contest)
Lil_1337 → The Look (Gift Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Lost Boys (2006 Contest)
Lil_1337 → Maxwell's Silver Hammer (2007 Contest)
Lil_1337 → The Misfits (2010 Contest)
Lil_1337 → Moments Like This (Gift Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Open the Door (Romance Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Quiet Time (Romance Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Reflection (Gift Fiction)
Lil_1337 → Roy G. Biv (Gift Fiction)
Lily → A Heart Worth Breaking (2006 Contest)
Lily → Heaven on a Deserted Beach (2002 Contest)
Lily → Never (2003 Spring Contest)
Lily → A Special Gift (Gift Fiction)
Link Worshiper → Asphyxiated (Lemon Fiction)
Link Worshiper → Baited Breath (Lemon Fiction)
Link Worshiper → By the Way (2003 Spring Contest)
Link Worshiper → A Cake By Any Other Name.... (2006 Contest)
Link Worshiper → Heart Like a Hand Grenade (2007 Contest)
Link Worshiper → Helter Skelter (Lemon Fiction)
Link Worshiper → Miracle (Romance Fiction)
Link Worshiper → Moon on a Moonless Night (Romance Fiction)
Link Worshiper → Phantom (2x1 Contest)
Link Worshiper → Tangled (Romance Fiction)
Link Worshiper → When I Fall (Gift Fiction)
Little Princess → Act on Your Emotions (2003 Fall Contest)
Lionflower → Walks Like a Duck (Romance Fiction)
Lockheed → Distractions (Romance Fiction)
LoneWolf → Crossing (Romance Fiction)
LoneWolf → Falling Water (Romance Fiction)
LoneWolf → Good Cop (Lemon Fiction)
LoneWolf → Heero in the Garden (Romance Fiction)
LoneWolf → I'll Be Waiting (Romance Fiction)
LoneWolf → When It Rains (Romance Fiction)
LovelyRose5001 → Believing (Gift Fiction)
LovelyRose5001 → Coming Home (2012 Contest)

Authors M through R


Mac → Kissing Him (2001 Contest)
Mac → Reasons Why (Romance Fiction)
Mairead/Mair → Recollections of the Heart (2001 Contest)
MaiSieuPhong → No Contest (2002 Contest)
Makishef → Autumn (Lemon Fiction)
Makishef → On the Fence (Lemon Fiction)
Makishef → Psychomachia (2007 Contest)
Makishef → Sanctuary (Romance Fiction)
Makishef → Tempus Vernum (Lemon Fiction)
Marauder → Missing You (2003 Fall Contest)
Maria-chan → Unexpected Gifts (Romance Fiction)
Mercedes → Supervention (Romance Fiction)
Merith → Anniversary Tree (Romance Fiction)
Merith → Another Year (Gift Fiction)
Merith → Better Together (Gift Fiction)
Merith → A Day at a Time (Lemon Fiction)
Merith → From the East, the Sun (2007 Contest)
Merith → Ice Cream Talent (Lemon Fiction)
Merith → January Confessions (Romance Fiction)
Merith → Midnight Chocolate (2003 Fall Contest)
Merith → Olly Olly Oxen Free (Romance Fiction)
Merith → On the Steps of a Slow Afternoon in July (Romance Fiction)
Merith → Staring at the Sun (Romance Fiction)
Merith → Still the One (Gift Fiction)
Merith → Sweating the Small Stuff (Lemon Fiction)
Merith → (un)Dress for the Occasion (Gift Fiction)
Merith → Up on the Roof (Lemon Fiction)
MeritJubet → Basketball (Gift Fiction)
MeritJubet → Bookshops Are a Must (Gift Fiction)
MeritJubet → General Opinion (Gift Fiction)
MeritJubet → Happy Idling (Gift Fiction)
MeritJubet → Not-A-Boyfriend (Gift Fiction)
MeritJubet → Smiles (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Binoculars (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Crime and Punishment (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Dinnertime (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Every Night (2x1 Contest)
Merula → Fireworks (Romance Fiction)
Merula → First Star to the Right (Romance Fiction)
Merula → Ghost Story (2007 Contest)
Merula → Innocent Game of Pool (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Just Keep Swimming (Romance Fiction)
Merula → A Little History (Gift Fiction)
Merula → Return to Duty (2006 Contest)
Merula → Safe (Romance Fiction)
Merula → Secret Santas (Romance Fiction)
Merula → Shake, Rattle & Roll (Romance Fiction)
Merula → Unstuck (Romance Fiction)
Mikkeneko → Anytime (Lemon Fiction)
Mikkeneko → Inch by Inch (Lemon Fiction)
Mikkeneko → The Steel Breeze (2x1 Contest)
Mikkeneko → Three Days (2002 Contest)
Mikkeneko → Ties That Bind (Lemon Fiction)
Mikkeneko → Trust Me (Lemon Fiction)
Miko no da → Once in a While (Romance Fiction)
Miko no da → Suspension (Lemon Fiction)
mintbot → Second Best (Romance Fiction)
mintbot → The Things He Carried (Romance Fiction)
Mirage → Half the Conversation (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Adrenaline Factor (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → ... And the Gods Laugh (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → Buttery Fingers (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → An Evening in Buenos Aires (2006 Contest)
Misanagi → By the Lake (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → Fun (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → Good Company (Romance Fiction)
Misanagi → Love Advice (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → Lucky Boy (Romance Fiction)
Misanagi → Markings (Gift Fiction)
Misanagi → Naked Eye (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Permanent Marker (Romance Fiction)
Misanagi → Pervy Potluck: Over the Hood (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Pervy Potluck: Probation (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Pervy Potluck: Rain (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Pervy Potluck: Reflection (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Pervy Potluck: Skirt (Lemon Fiction)
Misanagi → Playtime (Romance Fiction)
Misanagi → The Space Between (Gift Fiction)
Misao-chan → Beginnings (Romance Fiction)
Misao-chan → Sunset Wish (2002 Contest)
Misao-chan → Toxic (2007 Contest)
Mookie → Ball Handler (Gift Fiction)
Mookie → Epiphany (2003 Fall Contest)
Mookie → First Impressions (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → Home (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → Hurricane Glass (Gift Fiction)
Mookie → Running in Circles (2x1 Contest)
Mookie → Size Matters (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → A Soldier's Waltz (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → That's What Friends Are For (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → Tomorrow (Gift Fiction)
Mookie → untitled story (Romance Fiction)
Mookie → X Marks the Spot (Gift Fiction)
Moonraven → One Tough Assignment (Gift Fiction)


Natea → Flotsam (Romance Fiction)
Natea → One for One (Romance Fiction)
Natea → Parasomnia (Romance Fiction)
Natea → Thanatozoe (Romance Fiction)
Nekocin → Fishy Monkey Business (2010 Contest)
Nekocin → Pieces of Time (2012 Contest)
Nessa-chan → Enough (Romance Fiction)
Nessa-chan → Lavender and Lemon Balm (Lemon Fiction)
Nessa-chan → My Heart (Romance Fiction)
Nessa-chan → Silence (2003 Fall Contest)
Night-Blaze → Lazy Days (2007 Contest)
nomorespandex → Naming Clouds (Romance Fiction)
NtyreBeing → Disappointing You (Romance Fiction)
NtyreBeing → Late One Night (Romance Fiction)
NtyreBeing → Surprise, Surprise (Romance Fiction)


Ochiba → A Saint's Resolution (2006 Contest)
Okaasan → Epiphany in Baritone (Romance Fiction)
Okaasan → Flowers in Winter (Romance Fiction)
Okaasan → Taking Care (Romance Fiction)
OneWingedShinigami → Hanging by a Moment (2006 Contest)
Orcus → Drifting (2002 Contest)


Perin E → A Definition (2002 Contest)
Persephone Elysian → Firefight (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Alone (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → An Everyday Kind of Love (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Forever (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Happily Ever After (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Holding True (2012 Contest)
Petenshi → Home for the Holidays (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → A House Built for Two (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → I Touch Myself (Lemon Fiction)
Petenshi → The Key to Us (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Midnight Sentiments (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Not Suited (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → The Road Yet Traveled (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Sam (Romance Fiction)
Petenshi → Some Days (Romance Fiction)
Ponderosa → And in the Dawn (Romance Fiction)
Ponderosa → Buried in Dust (2006 Contest)
Ponderosa → Deep Green Sea (2002 Contest)
Ponderosa → A Moment of Perfection (Romance Fiction)
Ponderosa → Pumpkin Pie (Lemon Fiction)
Ponderosa → Softly Stirring (2003 Fall Contest)
Ponderosa → Stop Dead (2003 Fall Contest)
Presser-kun → Need to Know (2012 Contest)
Presser-kun → A New Dawn (2002 Contest)
Presser-kun → Together (2x1 Contest)
Presser-kun → A Very Good Thing (2003 Spring Contest)


Quest of Dreams → (Not) A Love Story, in 50 Sentences (Romance Fiction)


Ralphiere → Abstract Footprints (Romance Fiction)
Ralphiere → Better Than Flowers (Romance Fiction)
Ralphiere → Dell Tech of the Gods (Romance Fiction)
Ralphiere → Ethereal (Romance Fiction)
Ralphiere → Friction is F=uN (Lemon Fiction)
Ralphiere → Pool and Beer (Romance Fiction)
Ralphiere → Thirty Kisses (Romance Fiction)
Rapunzel → Cold Feet (2003 Fall Contest)
Raven → Palette (2003 Fall Contest)
RavynFyre → Jesses and Freedom (Romance Fiction)
RavynFyre → Stillness (Romance Fiction)
RavynFyre → Touch the Lightning (Romance Fiction)
Raz → 1 Sentence Fiction about Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell (Romance Fiction)
Raz → Ain't Gotta Be Crazy (Romance Fiction)
Raz → Apples (Romance Fiction)
Raz → Better Together (2006 Contest)
Raz → Closing the Gap (Romance Fiction)
Raz → Detour (Gift Fiction)
Raz → Fiji Apples (Gift Fiction)
Raz → Rapture (Romance Fiction)
Raz → Hooked (2007 Contest)
Raz → Raw (Romance Fiction)
RazorQueen → Reading Between the Lines (Romance Fiction)
RazorQueen → Somewhere Safe (Romance Fiction)
Risa → More Than a Feeling (Romance Fiction)
Risa → Thaw (Gift Fiction)
Rose Argent → Winning the Prize (2001 Contest)
Rum → Dream a Dream (2003 Spring Contest)
RurouniTriv → On the Wings of Sleep (Romance Fiction)
Ryouko → The Perfect Soldier (2002 Contest)

Authors S through #


Saharra Shadow → Answering the Call (2010 Contest)
Saharra Shadow → The Unicorn Marriage (2010 Contest)
Sailor Seraphim → Comfortable (Gift Fiction)
Sailor Seraphim → First Date (2003 Spring Contest)
Sailor Seraphim → Meant for Me (2003 Fall Contest)
Sailor Seraphim → Nocturne (2002 Contest)
Sailor Seraphim → The Pavlov Principle (Gift Fiction)
Sailor Seraphim → Still (Gift Fiction)
Sailor Seraphim → Two/One (Lemon Fiction)
Sakti Kedar → First Time (Romance Fiction)
Sakti Kedar → What It Is to Want (Romance Fiction)
SakuraGoBOOM! → This Every Day Love (Romance Fiction)
Salamander → Chase this Light (Romance Fiction)
Salamander → The Fortunate (2010 Contest)
Salamander → Night and You and Me (Romance Fiction)
Salamander → Trick or Treat (Romance Fiction)
Salamander → Tuesday Rain (Romance Fiction)
Sameshima Shuzumi → A Guide to Better Hugging (Romance Fiction)
sami-pi → Epiphany (Lemon Fiction)
sami-pi → Holding On Ten Feet Off the Ground (Romance Fiction)
sami-pi → In My Sights (Romance Fiction)
sami-pi → Life is Like a Box of Chocolates (Romance Fiction)
Sana → Don't Ever Doubt Me (2001 Contest)
Sarolynne → New Neighbors (Romance Fiction)
Scuro Angelo → Different (Romance Fiction)
Selena Barton → For the Love of a Girl (2010 Contest)
Selena Barton → The Game (Lemon Fiction)
Selena Barton → It's for Charity (2010 Contest)
Selena Barton → Maybe Imperfection Is Perfect (Gift Fiction)
Selena Barton → No Explanations (Gift Fiction)
Seraphim Grace → Good Sportmanship (Gift Fiction)
Seraphim Grace → Human Frailty ( Novellas)
ShenLong → Losing My Virginity? (2010 Contest)
ShenLong → Mission Impossible (2006 Contest)
ShenLong → Naughty or Nice? (Romance Fiction)
ShenLong → 'Tis the Season (Romance Fiction)
ShenLong → You Belong with Me (2010 Contest)
ShinigamiDeathscytheSan → untitled story (Romance Fiction)
shinizero → PTSDreaming (Romance Fiction)
Shira → Dangerous (Romance Fiction)
Shira → Time (Romance Fiction)
Siberianknight → The Card (Romance Fiction)
Silver Shinigami → Escape Date (2003 Spring Contest)
Silver Trails → Changes (Romance Fiction)
Silver Trails → Preparations (2012 Contest)
Silverblade Shi-fox → Chained to You (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Armistice (2012 Contest)
sistercacao → Changing the Recipe (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Complications (Lemon Fiction)
sistercacao → Darkness (Lemon Fiction)
sistercacao → The Drowned (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Fix Me Up (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Help Me There (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Home (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Keepsakes (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → On the Balcony (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Say Goodbye to My Heart Tonight (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Stay Tonight (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Strands (Lemon Fiction)
sistercacao → Strange Medicine (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Tapping Out (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Three Christmas (Eves) (Romance Fiction)
sistercacao → Transcendental Meditation (Romance Fiction)
SkyLark → Beloved (2007 Contest)
SkyLark → The Christmas List (Romance Fiction)
SkyLark → Circle Yes or No (2003 Fall Contest)
SkyLark → The Little White Box (Gift Fiction)
SkyLark → The Long Way Around (2012 Contest)
SkyLark → Of Mice and Men (2006 Contest)
SkyLark → Searching (2003 Spring Contest)
SkyLark → Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (2002 Contest)
Snowdragonct → Best Laid Plans (or How Duo and Heero Ended up in Hot Water Together) (2012 Contest)
Snowdragonct → The Wedding Date (2010 Contest)
Sol (Solitude1056) → Try It Just This Once (Gift Fiction)
Sorceress Fantasia → Absence (2003 Fall Contest)
SpaceHeartAngel → Never Say Never Again (2006 Contest)
Sparcck → Giving In (Lemon Fiction)
Sparcck → Got You Now (Lemon Fiction)
Sparcck → One Man Guy (2002 Contest)
Sparcck → Overcome, Behold (2001 Contest)
Spooks → And Then He Smiles (2001 Contest)
Spooks → Balance (2002 Contest)
Spooks → Fog (Romance Fiction)
Sprite → Balcony Scene (Lemon Fiction)
Sprite → Suds (Lemon Fiction)
Stacy → Tides (2002 Contest)
Stacy → Visions (Lemon Fiction)
StandingOnTheRooftops → Sleeping Habits (2010 Contest)
StandingOnTheRooftops → Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2012 Contest)
Stardancer → Silence (Romance Fiction)
Stardark → The Wizard of Oz (2010 Contest)
Steamboat → Green with It (2007 Contest)
Stargazerlily → The Bullet Tree (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Hammered (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Hold Your Peace (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Hot Chocolate (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → In the Line of Fire (Lemon Fiction)
Stargazerlily → It Helps (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Japonica ( Novellas)
Stargazerlily → Katase Enoshima (2010 Contest)
Stargazerlily → The Lost City (2010 Contest)
Stargazerlily → Sigh No More (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Staples (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Time-Honored (Romance Fiction)
Stargazerlily → The Vacuum Cleaner (Lemon Fiction)
Stargazerlily → Voyaganta Masino (2012 Contest)
Stetnee → Makes Me Happy ( Novellas)
Stormy1x2 → Bad Habits (Gift Fiction)
Sunhawk → Being There (2002 Contest)
Sunhawk → Christmas Pizza (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Doubts (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Fireflies (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Foresight (2003 Fall Contest)
Sunhawk → The Great Odyssey (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Head Games (2003 Spring Contest)
Sunhawk → The Long Haul (2x1 Contest)
Sunhawk → On the Outside (2006 Contest)
Sunhawk → Silver (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Strays (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → Telepathy (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → The Thirteenth Day of Christmas (Romance Fiction)
Sunhawk → 'Till It's Gone (Gift Fiction)
Sunhawk → Unfinished Business (Romance Fiction)
Syrupjunkie → L2 (2x1 Contest)
Syrupjunkie → Vanilla (2003 Fall Contest)


T K Maxwell → All About Loving You (2003 Spring Contest)
T K Maxwell → Discovery (Lemon Fiction)
T K Maxwell → Frenzied (Lemon Fiction)
T K Maxwell → Of Wind and Waves (2002 Contest)
T K Maxwell → Pleasure Wheel (2x1 Contest)
T K Maxwell → Raging at the Moon (Romance Fiction)
T K Maxwell → When Stars Collide (Romance Fiction)
t-shirt → Nakodo Shimei (2006 Contest)
Tahlia Lerray → Reflections in the Rain (2003 Fall Contest)
Tai → Reflections (2002 Contest)
Tai → Y Thie (2003 Fall Contest)
The Manwell → Falling Into You (2x1 Contest)
The Manwell → Impossible ( Novellas)
The Manwell → Riding Out the Storm (2x1 Contest)
TransgaPoca and Anidawehi → Claiming the Fourth ( Novellas)
Trixie → Before It Began (2002 Contest)
Trixie → Right Green (Romance Fiction)
Tsuki → About Waiting (Romance Fiction)
Tsuki → Chocolate (Romance Fiction)
Tsuki → Falling Echoes (Gift Fiction)
Tsuki → Introspective (Romance Fiction)
Tsuki → Messy (Gift Fiction)
Tsuki → Perfect (Gift Fiction)
Tsuki → Simple Fantastic (2007 Contest)
Tsuki → To Hold (Gift Fiction)
Tsuki → A Trip For Two (2x1 Contest)


Ultramarine → Choose Me (2010 Contest)
Ultramarine → Upheaval (2012 Contest)
Usagi-chan and Helen → Lightning Heart Base (2003 Spring Contest)


Valenstyne → Pieces of Me (You've Never Seen) (Romance Fiction)
Valy → Gimme Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair... (Gift Fiction)
Vash the Humanoid Sunshower → Practical War (2010 Contest)
Vega-Lume → I Won't Give Up (2012 Contest)
Velvet and Honor → Broken Reflections ( Novellas)
Vermilion Flame → Advance and Surrender (2001 Contest)
Vermilion Flame → The Education of Heero Yuy (Romance Fiction)
Veste Notus → Where Only the Raindrops Could Reach (2003 Spring Contest)
Veste Notus → Tomorrow Is Not Friday (2003 Fall Contest)
Vetgirl → When I Close My Eyes (Romance Fiction)
Vinyl Koneko/Emily → Call and Answer (2002 Contest)
Viper → All That You Need (Romance Fiction)
Viper → Heero's Soliloquy (Romance Fiction)
Viper → In Your Dreams (Romance Fiction)
Viper → It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh (Lemon Fiction)
Von → Perfect Moments in Time (2002 Contest)


Waterlilylf → Christmas Camouflaged (2012 Contest)
Waterlilylf → Don't Ask, Don't Tell (2010 Contest)
Waterlilylf → What Happens under the Mistletoe...Stays under the Mistletoe (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Age Old Truths (Gift Fiction)
WickedGame → Amazing (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → The Burden of Knowledge (2006 Contest)
WickedGame → Burnt to a Crisp (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → Everything You Need to Know (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Five Dates (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Freedom (2006 Contest)
WickedGame → Hot Summer Night (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → Interrupting Chores (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → The Interview (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Is It Any Wonder? (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Just for Me (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Let It Burn (Gift Fiction)
WickedGame → Little Detours (Gift Fiction)
WickedGame → The Luckiest Man Alive (Gift Fiction)
WickedGame → Nowhere To Go But Up (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → Pieces of a Puzzle (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Question (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → The Reality Is... (Romance Fiction)
WickedGame → Undaunted (Lemon Fiction)
WickedGame → Vermont (Gift Fiction)
WickedGame → Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (Romance Fiction)
Windsor Blue → Consolamentum (Gift Fiction)
Windsor Blue → Gimme Some Sugar (Gift Fiction)
Windsor Blue → No Good Very Bad (Gift Fiction)
Windsor Blue → Shooting Fish in a Barrel (Gift Fiction)
Wystii → Your Heero (Romance Fiction)


Xero Sky → Departure (Romance Fiction)
xkuramaxhieix → If You Love Me (2012 Contest)
xkuramaxhieix → Love Isn't Easy (2012 Contest)


Yanagi → Fireworks (2012 Contest)
Yanagi → Hard Sell (Romance Fiction)
Yanagi → Home Is Where the Heart Is (2010 Contest)


Zania → Desperate Measures (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Anniversaries (Gift Fiction)
Zazu → The Book (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Bought with Love (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Broccoli (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Caught (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → The Couch (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Darling, If You Love Me (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Duo's Findings (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Happenstance (2010 Contest)
Zazu → His Incredible Eyes (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → His Vow to Me (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Iia Disera (2007 Contest)
Zazu → Interrupted (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Kitty's Toy (Gift Fiction)
Zazu → Knowing (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Love Through the Ages (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Privileges (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Quenching Thirsts (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → Techie Talk (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → A Twist of Lime (Lemon Fiction)
Zazu → What I See in Space (Romance Fiction)
Zazu → Yours and Mine (Romance Fiction)


0083 → The Beginning of Forever (2001 Contest)
0083 → Coming Home (Romance Fiction)
0083 → Horizon (2002 Contest)
0083 → Lie to Me (Romance Fiction)
0083 → One (Romance Fiction)
0083 → Perfect Escape (Romance Fiction)
0083 → Strength (Romance Fiction)