Holiday/Special Occasion Fiction Index

This is a master index of all the holiday and special occasion fiction archived at Moments of Rapture. Stories are listed in alphabetical order by author name, then story title.

In addition to holiday and special occasion fanfiction, Moments of Rapture also has a gallery for holiday and special occasion art. If you'd like to see that gallery, please follow the link below.

Holiday and Special Occasion Art

Holiday Fiction

Christmas Fiction

Artemis → Boyfriend Series 1: A Boyfriend for Daddy (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Boyfriend Series 2: All I Want for Christmas (Romance Fiction)
Artemis → Boyfriend Series 3: On Christmas Morning (Romance Fiction)
ArtemisChristmas Shared (Romance Fiction)
ArtemisThe Eve (Romance Fiction)
ArtemisRestricted Airspace (Romance Fiction)
ArtemisA Sweet and Wild Heart (Romance Fiction)
BadMommaLemniscates (Romance Fiction)
D C LoganMistletoe (Romance Fiction)
D C LoganPride (2007 Contest)
Dyna DeeThe Season is the Reason (2003 Fall Contest)
JeiChristmas Present (Romance Fiction)
KitsuneSnow (Romance Fiction)
LamiaAll Things Unknown and Thusly Terrifying (Romance Fiction)
Little PrincessAct on Your Emotions (2003 Fall Contest)
LovelyRose5001Believing (Gift Fiction)
MarauderMissing You (2003 Fall Contest)
Maria-chanUnexpected Gifts (Romance Fiction)
MerithAnother Year (Gift Fiction)
MerithJanuary Confessions (Romance Fiction)
MerulaSecret Santas (Romance Fiction)
MisanagiGood Company (Romance Fiction)
Mookieuntitled story (Romance Fiction)
OkaasanFlowers in Winter (Romance Fiction)
PetenshiHome for the Holidays (Romance Fiction)
PetenshiMidnight Sentiments (Romance Fiction)
RazAin't Gotta Be Crazy (Romance Fiction)
ShenLongNaughty or Nice? (Romance Fiction)
ShenLong'Tis the Season (Romance Fiction)
ShinigamiDeathscytheSanuntitled story (Romance Fiction)
sistercacaoStay Tonight (Romance Fiction)
sistercacaoThree Christmas (Eves) (Romance Fiction)
SkyLarkThe Christmas List (Romance Fiction)
StargazerlilyThe Bullet Tree (Romance Fiction)
StargazerlilyHammered (Romance Fiction)
StargazerlilyStaples (Romance Fiction)
SunhawkChristmas Pizza (Romance Fiction)
SunhawkThe Great Odyssey (Romance Fiction)
SunhawkThe Thirteenth Day of Christmas (Romance Fiction)
SunhawkUnfinished Business (Romance Fiction)
WaterlilylfChristmas Camouflaged (2012 Contest)
WaterlilylfWhat Happens under the Mistletoe...Stays under the Mistletoe (2012 Contest)
WickedGameAge Old Truths (Gift Fiction)

Halloween Fiction

RazApples (Romance Fiction)
SalamanderTrick or Treat (Romance Fiction)
YanagiHard Sell (Romance Fiction)

Thanksgiving Fiction

WickedGameVermont (Gift Fiction)

Valentine's Day Fiction

Dev-Aki BasaaA Valentine's Gift (Romance Fiction)
FancyFiguresValentine (Romance Fiction)
sami-pLife is Like a Box of Chocolates (Romance Fiction)
SiberianknightThe Card (Romance Fiction)
TsukiChocolate (Romance Fiction)

Special Occasion Fiction

Anniversary Fiction

Corazon del FuegoAnother Strawberry? (Gift Fiction)
Hellfire_angelWay We Are (Gift Fiction)
MerithAnniversary Tree (Romance Fiction)
NtyreBeingSurprise, Surprise (Romance Fiction)
WickedGameThe Luckiest Man Alive (Gift Fiction)
ZazuAnniversaries (Gift Fiction)
ZazuThe Book (Romance Fiction)

Birthday Fiction

Daimeryan ReiSpecial Delivery (Gift Fiction)
FancyFiguresBest Wishes (Gift Fiction)
FancyFiguresStarting Out (Gift Fiction)
KebzeroWhen He Sleeps (Romance Fiction)
LilyA Special Gift (Gift Fiction)
MookieHurricane Glass (Gift Fiction)
Sailor SeraphimComfortable (Gift Fiction)